Saturday, 22 October 2022

Crème du Loch Launches Two New Age Defying Beauty Champions


Not content with just having a twice Award Winning Age Defying Daily Moisturiser under their belt, Crème du Loch have launched two new products to help complement their reigning champion: - The Age-Defying Daily Serum and the Age-defying Daily Eye Concentrate

The new products also contain Crème du Loch's winning ingredient - their own blend of highland spring water and sea loch kelp.

What makes sea loch kelp such a winner in the beauty industry I hear you say?

Answer: After bio processing, Scottish Kelp Extract has many ways to defy the ageing process with the help of its vitamins A, B1&2, C, D, E and minerals zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium.

Kelp sets out to protect the skin against external daily pollution, UVA rays, free radicals and other environmental stressors. Helps to protect collagen which is essential for skin elasticity and prevention of the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Kelp also helps reduce the appearance of breakouts with its minerals and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus it can help calm and soothe dry skin due to its high iodine content. Definitely a superhero ingredient!

Age-Defying Daily Serum with multi-peptide complex  

This fast absorbing serum helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten pores, improve skin texture and even skin tone. 

Ingredients include

Highland spring water and Scottish Kelp Extract

Other powerful ingredients are a blend of proven actives such as:

Matrixyl™ 3000  - to offer visible anti-wrinkle efficiency by acting as cell messengers able to

regulate the sequence of events required to repair the damages of age on the skin 

PeptAIde™ 4.0  - helps prevents sensitivity, dryness and lack of skin firmness. Derived from rice proteins, the active ingredient offers a nature-based and preventive solution for healthy looking skin

Dragosine ® is a dipeptide naturally found in the human body. In cosmetic products, it is used

as a multifunctional anti-aging ingredient, which has powerful antioxidant properties that

stimulate collagen synthesis. 

Quicklift ®  - a natural sugar polymer with an instant and long-lasting skin tightening effect. 

✓ Cruelty Free ✓Vegan Friendly ✓Fragrance Free ✓Suitable For Every Skin Type ✓Suitable For Day And Night

Age-Defying Daily Eye Concentrate  

Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the look of dark circles and

soothe away puffiness.  A unique blend of proven actives and their own blend of highland

spring water and sea loch kelp.

Ingredients include 

Highland spring water

Scottish Kelp Extract

Quicklift ® 

Biophytex™ - boosts microcirculation to improve evenness of skin tone, offers local soothing, anti-couperose, and anti-eye dark circle demonstrated benefits. Rich in saponosides and flavonoids, Biophytex™ protects the blood capillaries, reinforces their strength and has an overall skin soothing, calming effect

Shadownyl™ -  an exclusive extract from a certified organic algae, to help reduce both dark circles and fine lines. It boosts the elimination of heme due to blood leakage, which is responsible for dark circles and local inflammation. 

Lipobelle™  -a liposomal preparation of genistein, the biologically active form of the most abundant soy isoflavone. Genistein is a powerful collagen booster: it strongly stimulates the production of collagen but also prevents its degradation. 


✓ Cruelty Free ✓Vegan Friendly ✓Fragrance Free ✓Suitable For Every Skin Type ✓Suitable For Day And Night

Let’s not forget their original superhero product - Crème du Loch Age Defying Daily Moisturiser

Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes, tightening pores, improving

skin texture and evening skin tone whilst promoting a radiant glow. And with refreshing

natural cucumber fragrance. Suitable for every skin type.

Ingredients include

Highland spring water

Kelp Extract

Retinol -A firm favourite of the beauty industry which swiftly gets to work stimulating skin renewal to encourages a smoother even complexion. Also enhances collagen production to help reduce or prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Rose Hip Oil -a smooth operator rich in vitamins A & C, antioxidants and essential fatty acids helps increase

skin cell turnover and even out skin tone.  

Cranberry Seed Oil - an all rounder containing omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin E for hydration and general skin health.

Cucumber - playing it cool (as cucumbers do) this oil helps keep the skin protective barrier strong and

helps improve firmness and elasticity.

About Crème du Loch

Crème du Loch is a family owned, luxury British skincare brand dedicated to producing the finest cruelty free and vegan skincare products using high-grade skin nourishing ingredients which are responsibly sourced.  In collaboration with leading biochemists, they have over 40 years combined experience in the skincare industry. 

Crème Du Loch | Age-Defying Skincare | United Kingdom (

Sunday, 9 October 2022

Top Model 2022 Award Winners

 The Top Model 2022 Awards event was held in September at the 5-star Royal Horseguards Hotel in central London. Taking place during London Fashion Week, the model finalists were lucky enough to be able to strut down the catwalk in the latest creations of various fashion designers.

International Worldwide Award Winners

Top international award winner is Thaynara from Brazil who collected her award wearing a gold eveningwear set by Wajahat Mirza. The set comprised of hand embellished sequin top and a soft pleated tiered skirt. This couture outfit was from Wajahat's collection titled 'Lilibet' dedicated to Her Majesty, The Queen.

Thaynara also wore couturier Haneet Singh's evening gown from his Stannic Luxe collection. Like all of this collection this soft bronze coloured evening gown's lustre is inspired by the pink city of Jaipur and its beautiful palace.

The Classic international award winner is Leen from Syria wearing her own dress.

Before the awards Leen sashayed down the runway in a black shimmering long dress with mini underskirt from Omar Mansoor's 'Margilan' SS23 collection and a gold metallic dress embellished on the top by Aga-Couture London. Photo of Omar's dress by Shahid Malik

The 1st runner up is Sarah from Kenya wearing her own outfit and the 2nd runner up Holly from Scotland

Before the awards Sarah graced the runway in hot pink soft velvet trousers with purple silk jacket from Vz Perfection by Vaishali's 'Iridescence' collection and from Natz Couture 'Afro Shades' collection - a long white backless dress with waist high slit and colourful print on the halter neck top. Photo of Vz Perfection by Colin Chau.

The 2nd runner up, Holly wore a black figure hugging backless cocktail dress by Aga- Couture which was embellished with black sequins along the top and down the sleeves 

Lara from Iraq who won the Charity Public vote and also the Natural Skin Beauty Award. Lara wore Aga Couture's daring blue knee length sequin dress; 

Yuri from New Zealand who won the Personal Style Award, also wore Aga Couture

Aleksandra from Estonia won the Photographic Award and looked pretty as a picture in Vz Perfection's hot pink mini gown with statement dragonfly sleeves and Natz Couture white trousers and colourful top. Photo credit of Vz Perfection - Colin Chau

Gigi from Chicago USA who won the Beach Body Award wore Aga Couture's long black leather strapless gown with plunging neckline and matching necklace.

UK Commercial Category Awards Winners

Top winner was Kiara from Gloucester who received her award in young fashion designer Abigail Willis Cameron's black organza ostrich feather ruffle skirt and cork leather jacket.

Kiara also wore Haneet Singh's golden evening gown

The 1st runner up is Casey from Derbyshire . The 2nd runner up is Jade from Rhoose wearing Abigail's black silk taffeta dress adorned with white ostrich feather. Jade also won the Photographic Award.

The Charity Public Vote went to Zoe from High Wycombe wearing Abigail's black silk taffeta mini dress with trailing black bow.

Person Style Award to Shreeya from Berkshire who also won the Natural Skin Beauty Award

Beach Body Award went to Dani from Clacton wearing Abigail's pink ostrich feather silk taffeta skirt and blouse with pink fluffy Heaven headband. Photo by Colin Chau

Natural Beauty Curves Award went to Lauryn from Liverpool

UK Editorial Award Winners

Top Editorial winners are Riley (right on the photo) from Stevenage for the Fresh Faces and Stacey from Carmarthen for the Fashionistas who also won the Charity Public Vote. Photo by Colin Chau

The 1st runner up is Tia from Dartford wearing Abigail Willis Cameron's pretty in pink silk taffeta skirt and blouse, both trimmed with ostrich feathers and regally glamorous in Wajahat Mirza's embellished top and matching long skirt.

The 2nd runner up is Macy from Worcester wearing not one but TWO dresses by Omar Mansoor - a shirt dress for the day with colourful ikat trim along the hem and a shimmering and sequined midi dress with cowl neckline for the evening. Photo by Shahid Malik

Beach Body Award went to Elanna from Burry Port. Elanna wore a sumptuous pale rose gold gown adorned with ruffles by Haneet Singh.

Over 25's Award Winners

The 26-35 winner is Mayya (left on the photo) and the Classic winner is Karolina, both from London. Photo by Colin Chau

Male Category Awards Winners

Top winner was Tyler from South Africa who also won the Beach Body Award

 1st runner up is Marcus from London who also won the Photographic Award

Charity Public Vote went to Aaron from Gibraltar

Top Model supports The Top Model Foundation Charity

The Top Model Foundation for sick children and children in need is a non-profit independent charity

dedicated to improving and changing the lives of children and young people in the UK.

The charity was established as a fashion, beauty and creative industry initiative in 2019;

founded by a small group of individuals from a variety of industry professions.

The Top Model Foundation helps causes and appeals where assets, equipment or grants will make the

biggest difference and working directly with those in need. 


The Top Model Foundation | Supporting sick children and children in need

Monday, 3 October 2022

Vz Perfection SS23 Collection - Iridescence

With a title of Iridescence, Vz Perfection by Vaishali's collection was sure to be an explosion of colour.

A colour palette of iridescent hot pink and purples, these luminous colours seem to change when seen from different angles.

Outerwear also received the iridescent touch plus much more. The hot pink silk coat was adorned with a digital printed velvet collar, cuffs and back panel. The digital design was of the feather featured in her brand logo. The paler coat of lilac, pink and silver panels is made of raw silk, satin silk and textured silk.

The collection included ombre dyeing, handmade lace and embroidery

For those who prefer a dark classic colour for their eveningwear, never fear as dark purple appeared with just a flash of hot pink peeping through slits.

The finale dress was an ombre mid length gown with statement blouson sleeves which loosely tied together at the back to form two long wide trains - giving the overall impression of a huge bow.
The collection was shown during London Fashion Week at Fashion London UK runway show held in the Royal Horseguards London Hotel.

Omar Mansoor Summer 23 Collection - Margilan

 Named after Margilan, a city in the Fergana region of easter Uzbekistan, Omar Mansoor's collection uses black as his main colour palette with pops of multi-colour ikat fabric, handwoven in Uzbekistan.

Omar's black represents the confidence, assurance and vividness whilst the multi-colour trimmings and sleeves depict vibrancy.

Ikat is a unique textile patterned by dyeing the threads before weaving by using environmentally friendly dyes.

The city of Magalan has been famous for its traditional weaving of silk since the old days, and is still preserving this tradition focusing on high quality handmade goods - feeding their silkworms with mulberry leaves, dyeing the silk with natural mineral and vegetable dyes to weaving the silk.

As a campaigner of sustainability in fashion, Omar uses fabrics made up of a mix of new and recycled fibres in his collection as a means to care about our planet and the future of the fashion industry. This is also a step forward towards shifting fashion from a linear to a circular model.

He also proved that evening wear made from recycled fabric can look equally glamorous.

This year, Omar showcased his collection during London Fashion Week at the Fashion London UK runway show held in the Royal Horseguards London Hotel.


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