Monday, 20 March 2017

AWAYTOMARS latest women's collection

AWAYTOMARS is the world’s first 100% user-created fashion brand. Considered by Vogue, Elle and Wonderland to be "the brand of the future”, AWAYTOMARS is reinventing and opening up the fashion industry through the power of co-creation.
Irene Melero Lis green dress (left) and Angelika Chilokova Geometric dress (right)

Angelika Chilokova silver & navy top (left) and Marilia Biasi double slash dress (right)

Marilia Baisi Dripping dress (left) and Dripping skirt worn with Dripping top (right)

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SS17 Sunglasses Collaboration: FAKBYFAK X Manish Arora

The collection includes 2 styles, each in 4 color combinations.
Inspiration came from the mood and themes of Manish Arora's FW’16 clothing collection “Hell’s Belle", which has an amalgamation of creative influencers from Twin Peaks to Haribo, with a sprinkling of Americana, African and the extravagance style of Burning Man.

The frame’s models are a reworked take on the form of classic aviator glasses.  With mathematical precision, the familiar form was redesigned, adding rotating lenses, resulting in an accidental provocative flavour.

Ironically inverted aviator frames resulted in an unexpectedly feminine manner, and became the idea for another model in the collection.

ENNIGALDI Handbags - For The Love of Art

The Mesopotamia Collection
The love of Art is at the core of Ennigaldi and the first collection is inspired by Mesopotamian art, which shows a unique emphasis on texture, weight and strong definition.
SARPANIT - Mother Goddess 

Drawing from a palette of majestic ultramarine and earthy tones of ochre and sand, the bags reflect the culture and aesthetics of Mesopotamia.
Each handbag is named after a Babylonian goddess and regarded as an amulet to guide and protect its carrier along their way.
TIAMET -Primordial Goddess of the Ocean

Instilled with unearthly powers to use on earth, every goddess is a testament to the powers and potential of every woman.
 The Babylonian goddesses can inspire today’s women to seize their power, their purpose and embark on their own unique journey.
AYA - Goddess of Light

Featuring laser-cut Babylonian motifs in the finest Italian leather, custom-designed Italian hardware and formed by the meticulous work of Italian craftsmen, the Ennigaldi handbag is not only inspired by art but is a work of art in itself.

Could your nails be growing faster?

This summer, show off your healthy and glossy nails! If your nails refuse to grow or are dehydrated and brittle; some TLC is needed. Nail HQ Growth treatment with Biotin can help you to solve the problem and give your nails the boost they need.

Biotin assists in various metabolic reactions involving the transfer of carbon dioxide essential to help promote nail growth.
 In addition, Biotin is renowned for its healing properties and it is often used to restore hair and skin health.
 If you want to achieve fit and healthy nails, Nail HQ offers a wide range of nail treatments.
Using cutting-edge developments and formulations in nail care, their treatment bases are infused with cutting edge technologies. Born from the idea that your nails require as much attention as your skin and hair,
 Nail HQ provides a full range of 10 different nail treatments to repair, strengthen and grow your nails.
Available from:
 Tescos (instore only)
Amazon click here for direct link

Ports 1961 AW17 Womens Collection

Titled:Coming home, The A/W 17, Ports 1961 collection marks a homecoming for Creative Director Nataša Čagalj and her design team, who all studied in London at Central Saint Martins.

 The city is also the location of their studio, where this collection was conceived and developed.

Aptly, home and the house - places of familiarity and comfort - inform the collection.

 Home is interpreted as a place of safety, which allows one to be comfortable enough to experiment, relax and express personality.

 Objects, colours and textures from the home inspire the pieces, which are put together with the signature humour and refinement that underlies Ports 1961.

 Just as our possessions and the objects we choose to live with always reflect the self, these elements suggest and define the taste and style of the Ports 1961 woman.

This season, she is prepared, protected and tough.

Isabella Hearst- Celebrity’s Favourite Handbag Designer, Now Available to Public

Isabella Hearst New York, handbag designer for private clients, stars and socialites, has now released a line of glamorous accessories for the general public.

The iconic ‘No Paparazzi’ handbag was originally commissioned as a gift for prize nominees during Hollywood’s 2017 awards season, this exclusive handbag can be purchased as the latest line from the sought-after design house, along with many more incredible pieces.

Designed in New York and made in Italy, the collection features an array of handbags, clutch bags, and wallets with pop culture motifs. Every design is crafted in premium Italian leather with sparkling finishing touches, adorning the general public with as much luxury as the designer’s exclusive customers.


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