Monday, 30 March 2015

Copy Katy Perry's Look with Lipstick Boutique

Sunday, 29 March 2015


Sensodyne®, sensitive teeth experts, launch Sensodyne® True White, to help sensitivity sufferers gently whiten their teeth
Research shows that nearly half of the UK population (44%) are dissatisfied with the colour of their teeth and 75% want them to be whiter.
However,in the quest for a whiter smile, sensitivity sufferers may be compromising the needs of their sensitive teeth by switching between a specialised sensitive toothpaste and an everyday whitening toothpaste, which may have higher abrasivity.

 Offering a specialist one-paste solution, Sensodyne®, sensitive teeth experts,is launching the latest breakthrough in whitening for sensitive teeth.
Available from boots for £7.99 in Extra Fresh and Mint flavours:

New Sensodyne® True White is a unique, ultra-low abrasion toothpaste designed to care for sensitive teeth and gently whiten, with twice daily brushing.
More than ten times less abrasive than many everyday whitening toothpastes Sensodyne® True White provides specialist care for sensitive teeth, whilst helping to gently lift and prevent tooth stains.
“A healthy and natural white smile is increasingly important for many of us – it’s the first thing you see when you meet someone and it can have a major impact on confidence,” says Paul Cootes Vice President Sensitivity Acid Erosion Research & Development. “By switching between a sensitive toothpaste and an everyday whitening toothpaste, which may have higher abrasivity, sensitivity sufferers could be losing out on the most appropriate care for their condition and increasing wear of these sensitive areas of teeth.”

Sensitive teeth are caused by the gradual exposure of dentine through the loss of enamel on the tooth's surface or gum recession. Sensitivity is characterised by a short, sharp pain or a dull, throbbing ache in response to an external stimulus, such as eating or drinking hot, cold or sweet things. This exposed dentine, which can be up to ten times softer than enamel, is more susceptible to abrasive wear. Research has shown that brushing with an ultra-low abrasion toothpaste, such as Sensodyne® True White, is as gentle to exposed dentine as brushing with water after 10 days of use.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Style your way through the menopause

With Angelina Jolie revealing that she is going through early menopause many of us were shocked. “I am in menopause,” said 39-year-old actor Angelina Jolie yesterday when announcing her recent operation to remove her ovaries due to a high risk of cancer.

 Perhaps it shouldn’t be headline grabbing news when a woman in the public eye talks about a common hormonal change that every female goes through – but that shows how rarely and honestly the menopause is discussed.

 It is estimated that 8 out of 10 women, most commonly around the age of 52, will experience symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, insomnia and depression, and it can last for as long as 14 years.

Hot flushes and sweating can really get in the way of your day and can prevent women doing the things they love, so follow our top three tips to styling out the sweats and making it through the menopause in once piece!
Invest in some stylish temperature controlling clothing 

This pastel blue knot-front dress from Attune womenswear is designed to flatter, with knot detailing at the bust line and shaping at the back.
It has a gathered cuff and Liberty print trim on the sleeve for added interest.

The Attune collection is made using TENCEL® yarn - a completely natural fibre which has revolutionary properties due to its unique structure.

Its unparalleled wicking ability allows TENCEL® to absorb 50% more moisture than cotton, keeping you cool and comfortable.

In contrast, synthetics like polyester don’t absorb moisture into the fibre.

Price £95

Rock the dewy skin look 

It may not seem sexy to look sweaty but really there is nothing more youthful than having dewy glowing skin so make it work to your benefit.

Mature skin is actually the best candidate for creating a dewy look so treat yourself to a pot of Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation.

Its thick, creamy and super luxurious and leaves skin looking even in tone and super bright and dewy.
 Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation, £41.50, available from Space NK
Take a natural supplement to relieve the symptoms
To help relieve the symptoms of Menopause which can make you feel stressed and uncomofortable, try taking a natural supplement. They are naturally occurring substances that have similar effects to oestrogen. Their chemical structure binds to the body’s oestrogen receptors helping balance the see-sawing hormones in the run up to, during and after the menopause. A study carried out on the double strength formula has shown to reduce hot flushes and night sweats by 75% The same study also demonstrated that supplementing with Promensil Double Strength can reduce anxiety and depression by improving menopause symptoms Promensil Double Strength (80mg), £29.99 (30) or £49.99 (90), available from Boots

F&F Introduces Springs Must Have - Gingham‏

1. Wool Fedora hat:
Other Fedora hats:

2, Gingham check camisole £12:

3. Gingham check shorts £14:
Also in tall designed for the lady over 5ft 10” £14:

4. Duster kimono jacket £18:

5. Textured Pointed court shoes £16

6. Fringed hobo bag £18

Monday, 23 March 2015

The World’s Most Extravagant Chocolate Easter Bunny – With Real Diamond Eyes!

Luxury website is offering The World’s Most Extravagant Chocolate Easter Bunny. Price £33,000 ($49,000 )

The luxury chocolate rabbit has been hand carved by award winning Chocolatier International Pastry Consultant and former Chef Décor of Harrods, Martin Chiffers, and the eyes have an unprecedented sparkle thanks to two solitaire diamonds nestled into the chocolate.
The diamonds are from luxury jeweller 77 Diamonds who possess the largest selection of diamonds in the world. The diamonds were chosen exclusively for inclusion in this exceptional never done before Easter creation.

 77 Diamonds selected two 1.70ct Round Brilliant diamonds that are G Colour and GIA certified and boast VS clarity, with a combined value of over £25,000.
 The life-size bunny measures approximately 38cm high and carved from a a solid piece of luxurious 75% Tanzania Origin chocolate.
 The sumptuous sculpture weighs in at approximately 5 kilograms…that translates to 548,000 calories total.
 Don’t worry - if you don’t think your waistline could withstand the calories, the decadent delight can be displayed for 2 years, as long as the temperature is regulated to around 16 degrees.

A donation of £1,000 will be made to The Prince’s Trust charity should the bunny be purchased.

 In order to have the bunny delivered in time for Easter Sunday orders must be placed by 28th March 2015 for UK customers.

 International orders subject to additional courier charges and the specific country’s food import regulations.

 Smaller diamonds and gems are available upon request, reducing the total cost.

Shiny Metallics for Butterfly Twists SS15 Collection

For SS15, Butterfly Twists have a range of metallic finishes:

Left to right:
Sienna - leather upper in rose gold £60
Sienna - leather upper in pewter £60
Also available in black and nude
Chloe - faux leather in silver with gold metal bow £35
Also available in black or dusty pink with gunmetal bow and camo with gold bow (as seen in image below)

All collections are designed with a lined insole made of breathable fabric and memory foam to cushion the foot.
Check out the Samantha glitter and sequinned ballet pumps in this short ad campaign film. Samantha is £28 and comes in gold glitter textile upper or black and pewter sequinned textile upper. Let's get the party started!!

Rosie Fortescue wearing Rosie Fortescue for Lipstick Boutique

Direct link:

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Butterfly Twists new SS15 Campaign Ad Films

Gabriella Loafer in Gold/White
For SS15, Butterfly Twists have brought out their first ever brand campaign with a series of short films showing their ballet pumps can be worn 'Anytime Anywhere'
Here are a few of the films - which one do you prefer?
The Kittens:

Gone Fishing:

Jacqui ballet pumps
Union Jack - Red

Foreign Exchange:

Going Dotty over Butterfly Twists new Dalmatian Prints

Butterfly Twists have introduced the new Dalmatian print into to their Premium collection.

Available in pony hair, the Gabriella loafer ( background) comes in tan Dalmatian £70 whilst the Leah ballet pump (in the foreground) comes in grey Dalmatian £65.
Gabriella is also available in black/grey Giraffe print; white/gold leather print; gold/black python leather print; black ponyhair;camo ponyhair and black/pink hearts pony hair print
Leah is also available in tan leopard and white zebra, both in pony hair.
All collections are designed with a lined insole made of breathable fabric and memory foam to cushion the foot.
For more designs check out this short ad campaign film:

EXACT MATCH: Sam Faiers‏ in Virgos Lounge

Animal Magnetism Prints for Butterfly Twists SS15

This season, Butterfly Twists  includes pony hair and suede uppers as well as soft leather in their Premium Collection

Above left - Leah in white zebra print pony hair. Also available in tan leopard and grey dalmation prints. Price £65
Above right - Diana in embossed snakeskin faux leather. Also available in black leopard and grey zebra prints. £35
All collections are designed with a lined insole made of breathable fabric and memory foam to cushion the foot.
For SS15, Butterfly Twists have brought out their first ever brand campaign with a series of short films showing their ballet pumps can be worn 'Anytime Anywhere' Titled 'Exchange' the film below shows the variety of animal prints:

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Time Saving Beauty Products

Links are:
Klorane Dry Shampoo
MICRO Mail Eclectric polisher - on offer at the moment for £29.99
Manuka Doctor

Links are:
Trilogy Eye recovery
Temple Spa
The Harley Medical Group self tanning lotion
Dr Organic hair treatment
Bio Oil - on offer at the moment

Soft & Gentle new SkinScience Range

I was off to a flying start at the Soft & Gentle Skin Science press day!

Here they announced the launch of their new Skin Science range for 2015. The range includes three new formulations: one offering ultra effective protection, the 2nd natural protection and the third hair minimising protection!

The advanced Skin Science range is available in a 75ml compressed version providing a more environmentally responsible option (reduces amounts of gas propellant) whilst not compromising on protection levels. The compressed version lasts just as long as the original 150ml.

Which one to choose?
The Ultra Protect is perfect for people on the go and those looking for a higher level of protection. Soft & Gentle set the scene of a fitness centre changing room plus a punch bag! Definitely a scenario people may need 72 hour protection from their anti-perspirant.

With advanced 72hr protection Ultra Protect contains a unique skin synergy complex that offers skin kind protections when you need it most - it helps prevent irritation and promises reliable sweat protection. Also is anti staining.
Here I am working up a sweat with the punch bag - Ultra Protect may last 72hrs but I don't think I will.

Really Pure is for those looking for a more natural alternative, allowing your skin the freedom to breathe. Soft & Gentle created a fun Alice in Wonderland garden scene to show the freshness and freedom on this deodorant. Free from allergens, alcohol and aluminium chlorohydrate and replacing with a potassium alum, a natural mineral which works as a pH adjuster to prevent odour causing bacteria from growing. Also enriched with oat oil, it is extra kind to your skin and suitable for sensitive skins.

This is a deodorant so will not stop you from sweating (you need the aluminium chlorohydrate for that) but the potassium alum will stop the odour and lasts for 48hrs. Also is anti-white mark. Who could resist lounging on the grassy sofa? I couldn't even with a pink flamingo on my head!

Visibly Smooth offers hair minimising protection so underarms can stay smoother for longer. This time the was a bedroom/boudoir scene with Alice In Wonderland style perfume bottles.

The anti perspirant  contains Kelisoft, an ingredient to reduce the speed of growth and thickness of hair. the result should be visibly smoother underarms in just eight weeks! This means less frequent shaving.  

 Available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco & Asda. Price £2.09 but Boots have an introductory offer of £1.09

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Pour Moi? Swimwear Goes Monochrome

The two piece takes the form of mix and match separates, in two bold geometric prints. A retro long line design offers support for larger breasted ladies without sacrifice of style.  Mesh panels ensure a covered up alternative whilst strong V line shaping flatters any physique.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Marko Mitanovski AW15 Collection

Mitanovski's elaborate and striking creations for his AW15 avant-garde collection was inspired by nature, birds and reptile skeletons.

He was also influenced by architecture

 and historical costumes originating from the Renaissance and Victorian era.

Jewelled headpieces and jewelled embroidery by Mathea Lee for Marko Mitanovski

Sculptor: Milan Stosic for Marko Mitanovksi

Warp Seamless Knitted Garments: Cifra for Mark Mitanovski
Lace Patterns: Marko Mariosiuk for Marko Mitanovski

Colour palette: all black except for the pure white finale dress

Photographer: Anne-Marie Michel


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