Monday, 29 February 2016

Georgia Hardinge AW16 Collection at London Fashion Week

Titled Hidden, for AW16, Georgia Hardinge was inspired by lenticular techniques,revealing an image when seen at a certain angle.
She wanted to reflect upon stellar parallax, the movement of stars depending on the observer's position, by creating illusions and hidden cosmic designs within her signature pleats.

 Movement of the garments will show the graphic patterns inside, made in metallic foils to reflect light.

Georgia wanted to capture the phenomenon that was last years meteor showers with a running theme of Shooting Stars throughout the collection.

Her inspiration for design comes from the passion for architectural shapes and structure which can be seen throughout her work.

She works closely with a pleat specialist to develop pleating techniques from new technological fabrics.
Video of the show's finale

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Prophetik AW16 Collection at London Fashion Week

Designer Jeff Garner's AW16 collection 'Ruins & Renaissance' is inspired by novelists Proust and Romantic Platonism.

Colour palette of navy, smoke grey,teal indigo, sea foam, Kelly green and black.

Gradient colouring features throughout the collection with all natural plant and earth based dyes hailing from indigo, dried indigo leaves, madder toot, iron, marigold, osage orange, black walnut, logwood and cochineal.

Fabrics include hemp silk, linen, ramie, organic cottons, peace silk, hemp denims, vintage French lace and reclaimed leather.

Garner has dedicated his collection to his daughter Veda who passed away this year.

Paul Costelloe AW16 Collection at London Fashion Week

Inspired by the modern day female warrior, the Costelloe woman is ambitious, fearless and a fighter.

Video of the show's finale:

This collection encapsulates that transition of power dressing which also comes as a reminder of the designer's heritage for supreme tailoring.

Never compromising on quality, Paul Costelloe and his manufacturers in London have experimented with materials that combine traditional fabrics with innovative techniques together creating outstanding textures and volume.

Sharp oversized military coats in warm red checks and modified painted herringbone give the idea that this woman is armed for adventure,
 whilst the brand's trademark feminine babydoll dresses return but this time in subtle transparent organza with lace....

 and alluring burgundy jacquards adding a dramatic edge to the classic style.

Accessories include:
Slouchy rucksacks in leather and shearling

Fringed clutches of supple leather and suede make the perfect off duty essential.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

BARRUS AW16 Collection at London Fashion Week

The two designers Neslisah Yilmaz and Nur Caglayan have fused contemporary ideas with traditional Turkish elements for their AW16 collection.

Video of the show's finale:

Titled 'Paint Drops of Anatolia', the designer duo were inspired by the Anatolian and Mesopotamian heritage from thousands of years ago.

Barrus have mixed this heritage with the traditional Turkish marbling technique to create a stunning collection.

Turkish marbling is a method of aqueous surface design producing patterns similar to smooth marble. The patterns are the result of colour floated on either plain water or a viscous solution known as size and then carefully transferred to an absorbent surface such as paper and in this case fabric.

Main colour palette ranges from deep shades of  burgundy, oxblood and black

To the lighter shades of pastel hues:

Fabrics: silk, delicate French lace, beaded lace and cashmere blends.

Vin +Omi AW16 Collection at London Fashion Week

Titled Colourotic, Vin + Omi combined colour with the erotic.

They wanted to explore colour so worked closely with CND nails to bring a range of their nail colours to life on the catwalk.

These colours were also carried through to artistically sculptured nails and wigs dyed with the nail varnish.

 Running alongside the colour theme was an underlying futuristic look of how street culture and high society will mesh together - but not on this planet!

The past few months, Vin + Omi have been working intensely as commissioned designers and makers on the Ab Fab film providing a range of outfits for the character Bubble, played by actress Jane Horrocks. So it was apt that Jane should be chosen to close the show.

DJ, model & TV presenter Vogue Williams also walked the catwalk

All the fur is fake as can be and the feathers are a by product of ethically reared farm stock.

Vin + Omi state that no models were harmed in this production (although one poor male model fell to his knees twice due to his incredibly high heels) - they have all been encouraged to eat!


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