Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Uma Thurman announced as leading lady in Campari Calendar and Koto Bolofo as Photographer

Today, Campari® is officially unveiling Uma Thurman as the star of the Campari Calendar 2014, which will be captured by noted fashion photographer, Koto Bolofo.
 The iconic, edgy actress takes the lead in the 2014 edition of the Calendar which is entitled ‘Worldwide Celebrations’, with each month focusing on a unique festival from a number of different cultures around the world. Through this intriguing new theme, Campari intends to highlight how cultures around the world have become more global than ever before, and reinterprets each celebration through its spirit made of passion, style and charisma.

On starring in the 2014 Campari Calendar, Uma Thurman comments: 
“To be a part of such a globally-renowned project for an iconic worldwide brand is a pleasure. I particularly admire the theme this year as I am able to share a worldwide journey of discovery, passion and style with Campari lovers around the globe. Each month, the true essence of a ‘global celebration’ has been captured beautifully thanks to Koto, a highly-acclaimed photographer with a keen eye for creating intriguing, stimulating and truly dynamic imagery.”
Koto Bolofo is the latest photographer to capture the renowned Campari Calendar, for its 15th edition. Having been born in South Africa, raised in Great Britain and now residing in France, Bolofo is a true world citizen enabling him to embody the theme of the Calendar even further. Bolofo is well known for his powerful portraits, innovative fashion shoots and numerous short films. He has shot for a number of high-profile publications including Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ, and has created advertising campaigns for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior.

Bolofo is renowned for his keen eye for lively and dynamic imagery which he will be using to offer a window on the world to Campari lovers around the world in the 2014 Calendar.

On his shooting of the 2014 Campari Calendar, Koto Bolofo comments: “Campari’s ethos of consistently creating striking and powerful imagery for its world-renowned Calendar aligns perfectly with what I consistently strive to achieve in my work. To work on this project with a beautiful and talented actress such as Uma Thurman is an honour, and has provided me with an opportunity to push the Calendar’s boundaries and defiantly capture the passion and style which is centred on this year’s truly inspiring theme.“

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Let it Rain! Let it Rain! It's a Good excuse to Wear Chic Freak's Le Mac

Ok it’s raining, but the weather is still delightfully hot so you don’t want a cumbersome heavy rain mac.
Chic Freak boutique on the famous London Portobello Road has launched their own exclusive range of signature rain coats. ‘Le Mac’
 Clear PVC is the main fabric for 'Le Mac' provoking a flirty and stylish essential in every woman's wardrobe. A variety of lace inserts in lime green,  lilac, blue, white, black and pink have been laid within the PVC giving a vintage peek-a-boo style.
Price for short mac £175
Price for long mac £185 and £199 in black

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Online boutique iLoveDesigner x Jewellery Brand Outhouse = PUNK TONIC Collection

Luxury online boutique, iLoveDesigner, has joined forces with Indian jewellery brand Outhouse, who are famed for their statement pieces, to develop the opulent PUNK TONIC collection.
Available exclusively on
The PUNK TONIC collection encourages fashion lovers to channel their rebellious sides this A/W with 16 pieces perfect for embracing your inner-punk!

From left to right, top to bottom:
The Glamorous Death Necklace £405
The Star Gazer Ear Cuffs £210
The Spider Web Earrings £170
The Black Sheep Necklace £270
The Love Kills Necklace £299
The Outlaw Ear Cuffs £180
The Dazzle Earrings £155
The Bomb Necklace £285
The Heart Breaker Necklace £265

Debenhams Prince Charming Bracelet - Just ONE and it could be yours!

One of Debenhams longest serving designers, jeweller Eric Van Peterson has launched Just ONE limited edition silver charm bracelet worth £200 to celebrate and mark the birth of the Royal Baby, the Prince of Cambridge.
And this will be given away to one lucky competition winner!
Check out their blog:

The bracelet features charms of a teddy bear, nappy pin, baby bottle , blue booties, stork and baby , dummy and crown. Details are pale blue enamel with delicate silver and pearls.

Glorious Goodwood Races- Glamorous Outfit no 3 is mid length with chunky heels

Maxis and the shorter dresses are the easiest lengths to team with flat footwear. The maxis because they hide most of the shoe and the shorter dress because there is more leg exposed which elongates them without the aid of a high heel. The harder length is just below the knee, if you wear completely flat heels, the legs are not elongated and can look shorter than they actually are. As most women want their legs to look long, this is not a good look. So for this length a wedge or thicker high heel is a better alternative.

So you may ask why wear this skirt length anyway?
Well it may not be a great length for elongating the legs but it is a great length for enhancing the shape of your legs.
 If you have a perfect pair of pins then show them off with the shorter skirt. But most of us have fatter thighs and sometimes chunky knees, so if the skirt stops just below the knees where our legs go in the most, then this creates the illusion of skinnier and shapelier legs as only our slimmer ankles and calves are on show.
However when we wear flat shoes this illusion disappears.
The length of this 50’s style Marilyn dress from Jane & Marilyn falls just below the knee but the fullness of the skirt helps make the parts of the leg on show look slimmer.In crisp white heavy cotton for that effortlessly cool and classic look Price £795

The heels on these French Connection Peggie sandals are thick but still high to give the leg more length.
The colours may be pale, but these sandals will make your feet twinkle in the sunlight.
Were £120 now £47.50

The semi tailored look of the dress with a touch of halter neck glamour would also look great teamed with a panama hat. Not just for the gentlemen, panamas can be worn by the ladies too, but we have a choice of more colours!!
The Voyager Rose was £59 now £41.30 Also available in lemon and aqua

Accessorise with a pair of Lulu Guinness cat eye purple sunglasses. From £85
Again available directly through Mondottica. Just call on freephone 08007831372 and quote model L522PUR56 for more details.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Radley's Streets of London Baby Changing Bag - Fit for a Prince!

Check out Radley's baby changing bag :

Glorious Goodwood Races- Glamorous Outfit no 2 is a short dress with ballerina flats or high wedges

Our next outfit for Glorious Goodwood  races looking Gloriously Glamorous without the aid of the high stiletto heels.
Wearing ballet pumps is another alternative and worn with a short dress gives a cute summer time day look. 

 Look hot in this Next neon lace dress in fluorescent orange. Both cheerful and feminine, perfect for a fun sunny day out at the races.The lining is 100% cool cotton with the lace overlay in 100% polyester. Price £75

Team with these orange Emmie ballerina shoes by Lucky Brand at 1927 available at House of Fraser.
Were £62 now £31

If you prefer to wear higher heels then the wedge is a good bet and won’t get caught in between the decking.
Keep bright with Clarks Scent Flower wedges in coral suede. However these are not just coral, but also bring hot pink and purple into the mix. Price £44.99

Accessorize with a pair of colourful Christian Lacroix sunglasses.  Spoilt for choice - any of these colours will go with the outfit depending upon what look you want to create. The top pink /orange combo will raise the heat, the middle blush pair will cool down the look without taking away the boldness and the bottom lazuli blue will add another colour and break up the colour block orange. Available through Mondottica.
Just call on freephone 08007831372 and quote model CL5036 for more details.

Radley x young print designer Will Grill Collaboration -Streets of London

Check out video of Radley's collaboration with young print designer Will Grill


Clogau Gold on QVC create Royal Celebration Ring for the Birth of Our New Prince

Life is good in the UK - we're having glorious weather and now we (the royal 'we') have a new baby prince!! Congratulations Will & Kate!

And what better way to celebrate the birth of our new prince than to treat ourselves (well it has been tough playing the waiting game) and buy a new piece of jewellery?

 Clogau Gold has created the Gold Royal Oak Celebration ring exclusively for QVC to mark the special occasion.
The ring is a 9ct yellow gold band with rose gold overlay in a unique Tree of Life design with a sparkling brilliant cut diamond and engraved with ‘Dathlu’ – Welsh for ‘celebration’.

Limited Edition of 2013 all are engraved with the Official Diamond Jubilee Hallmark and specific edition number e.g: ‘1/2013’, ‘2/2013’ and so on.
Price £600 but QVC has an introductory price of £545.46

Unique Celebration design - Clogau’s popular Tree of Life design beautifully combines with an acorn which is inspired by the oak and acorn motif from the new Middleton Coat of Arms as well as symbolising new life.
Clogau’s link to royalty
Welsh gold is very rare and precious and has been used by royalty since 1911. At the investiture of Edward, Prince of Wales, his coronet was crafted entirely of Clogau Welsh Gold. Clogau Gold jewellery includes a touch of this very same gold within each piece, creating an esteemed association with the British Royal Family
What does the Tree of Life design stand for?
The original inspiration for the Tree of Life came from the ancient story of the Garden of Eden in which a tree grew bearing fruit that would grant everlasting life to whomever ate from it. Stylised branches, fruits and ivy intertwine to produce a variety of intricate and delicate forms, which are incorporated in the ring. Clogau have also taken inspiration from Charles Darwin, who believed that the evolution of nature was expressible as a metaphor he termed the Tree of Life. In 1859, he said; “As buds give rise by growth to fresh buds, and these, if vigorous, branch out and overtop on all sides many a feebler branch, so by generation I believe it has been with the great Tree of Life, which fills with its dead and broken branches the crust of the earth, and covers the surface with its ever-branching and beautiful ramifications.”
What is the Royal Clogau Oak?
Symbolising strength and endurance, the mighty oak is often associated with Royalty as an emblem of these most noble characteristics. The national Tree of Wales, the Royal Oak, is famous for being the hiding place of King Charles II during The Battle of Worcester in 1651.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Glorious Goodwood Races - Glamorous Outfit no 1 is the Maxi with Flat Sandals

Glorious Goodwood dress code for ladies is a much more relaxed affair than the formal Royal Ascot and quite simple – jeans or shorts are not permitted. They’d like you to dress smartly and a hat is encouraged but not obligatory.Other than that there are no rules on the length of your skirt or the width of your straps.
 They do advise that stiletto heels are not recommended due to the terrain and decking areas, but that is more for your comfort than a dress code. If you do decide to follow their recommendation, here is the first outfit on how to be gloriously glamorous without the stilettos:

Maxi dresses actually look better without the stiletto heel due to their laid back bohemian style or classic Greek goddess look.
Here the Monsoon Miranda dip dye maxi dress has been teamed with flat sandals. The maxi is in marine hued silk chiffon embellished with iridescent sequins, beads and crystals.  The wrap style necklace and waist cinching band keep this maxi high up in the glamour stakes. Was £229 now £113.50
The flat Imola sandals are easy on the eye as well as the feet. Embellished in silver and blue beads. Price £29
Accessorised with Luisa clutch bag in cobalt blue satin with large black gem fastening. Was £35 now £17.50 and Reggio stretch bracelet was £12 now £6

Hats are not compulsory but they do complete a racing day outfit. Maxi dresses look boho chic with wide brim hats plus if the weather stays hot, it will shade you from that glorious but blazing sun. The off white Tangier large brim hat is of fine paper straw with handmade silk ribbon trim in blue and silver. A small metallic ornament with a crystal adorns the centre of the large bow.
Only one left!!!  Price £171

Accessorise with Christian Lacroix sunglasses price from £155. Available directly through Mondottica who licences and makes the sunglasses. Just call on freephone 08007831372 and quote model CL901000958 for more details.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

KMS California bring out TAMEFRIZZ to Tame That Frizzy Hair

One of the main hair concerns women complain about is the frizz. Whether you have thick or fine, straight or curly hair, frizz takes no prisoners and loves all hair types. Unfortunately the feeling is not mutual and most of us hate frizz with a passion. Usually fighting a losing battle, we’ll put our hair through various forms of tortures by overheating with curling or straightening irons, and smothering with far too many hair products, but still the frizz manages to rise in triumph.

KMS California has come up with TAMEFRIZZ that actually fights frizz on the inside as well as the outside with the magical fusion of technologynature.
Technologynature takes and combines the advances made in technology with a few key natural ingredients that are known to nourish and smooth the hair.
The technological De-Frizz System improves the internal structure by strengthening it and increasing pliability. It also smoothes the hair’s cuticles and so the surface.
The natural key ingredients used are Pequi Oil, a Brazilian fruit found in the Amazon, and Acacia, a tree cultivated in Africa and Australia. Pequi Oil is rich in vitamin A and E known for taming frizz, and Acacia is rich in sugar derivatives with moisturising properties known for smoothing and increasing pliability.

Products available are the base essentials of shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo prepares the hair for frizz reduction and the conditioner smoothes and reduces frizz.

The next step on towel dried hair is either the smoothing lotion or the taming crème. The lotion detangles and manages frizz.  This lightweight leave-in formula also provides heat protection for styling. The crème controls hard to tame frizz with a light hold and also provides heat protection for styling. The crème can be used on dry air for extra definition and control.
The hero product is the De-Frizz Oil which can be used on towel dried or dry hair. This is fast absorbing and lightweight so won’t weigh the hair down, which is great news for people with fine but frizzy hair. The real breakthrough is that it will control humidity and frizz for up to 3 days. The oil can be used on dry hair for further reduction on frizz.

KMS California has brought out a limited edition Frizz Fighter Kit with the shampoo, conditioner and the hero De-Frizz oil. Plus a wide-toothed anti-static comb and sachets of the smoothing lotion and taming crème. Price £29.50 at KMS salons and while stocks last.
The individual products  are available from KMS California salon stockists.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Clarks Footwear - Get Beach Chic

Sharna Balcony sandals in white combi leather Price £39.99
Also available in black.

Sarina Betty sandals in tan combi leather -  ON SALE were £54.99 now £27.49
Also available in black

Magnolia Lane bag in red & cream – ON SALE was £24.99 now £12.49
Also available in navy & cream

Model wearing Scent Flower sandals in coral suede Price £44.99
Colour blocking with coral upper, hot pink wedge and purple on back & piping
Also available in red & white combi leather with striped wedge heel and metallic gold leather with cork effect wedge heel

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Superdry launches Women's Timothy Everest range in Sept

Following the successful launch of the tailored collection for men, Superdry launches an exclusive  women's collection, designed by Superdry James Holder and contemporary British tailor Timothy Everest.

The Town Coat
Keep fully buttoned up for that skinny tailored silhouette or leave open for a relaxed country retreat look.
Comes in super melton navy with two under collar options of turquoise or blush pink (shown in image); herringbone and fishbone.

The Country Rebel
Jacket is three buttoned single breasted with a sporty jet ticket pocket and high cut notch lapel.
Pipping is velvet.
Comes in super optical with two lapel tipping colours of lipstick pink or cobalt blue (shown in image) ; herringbone and forrest slub.
There is a  matching mini skirt (not shown )for the super optical jacket featuring a back buckle strap adjuster and two front welt pockets in lipstick pink.

The Rock Rebel
Casual two buttoned single breasted jacket with slightly oversized buttons. Has a workable cuff, a centre back vent and specially designed earphone loop.
Comes in dogtooth and in black (shown in image on the background right).

The Muse 
Single breasted jacket with  gently sloping peak lapel and 12 specially branded Superdry + Timothy Everest dome buttons giving the impression of a double breasted front. Has secret oyster card holder.
Comes in navy flannel (shown in image on the right) with two under collar options of purple or lipstick pink. Has matching navy shorts (not shown)

Coming soon at Superdry's Regent Street store and other selected UK Superdry stores, plus online

Friday, 5 July 2013

Rising Stars - Women's Fashion Graduate Student Designers

This year the rising stars of the womenswear graduate student designers are:

Shining brightly is Kirandeep Bassan from Northampton University with a colourful collection that won her the Zandra Rhodes Textile Awards at the Graduate Fashion Show this year.

The main colour palette was of just three bright colours (orange, blue and yellow) but variations of shades gave depth and the illusion of many more.  Prints were everywhere right down to the high wedge clogs. 

 Texture was key as though the prints were exposing numerous layers of paint and brush strokes under a peeling surface.  Larger and smoother colour blocks became the canvas for contrasting shapes of circles and panels.

Thea Saunders of Nottingham Trent University knits together texture and colour  and won the Stuart Peters Knitwear Award

 Patterns clashed wonderfully together ranging from period, classic and contemporary. Yellow woollen shag pile adorned chunky cable short jackets like swirling gold baroque embroidery, whilst multi coloured shag piles created an unfinished tapestry effect on a slimmer digital patterned jumper.

Straight skirts and dresses knitted in an abstract and coloured take on the classic houndstooth were worn with jumpers in futuristic computer grid patterns.

Hannah Williams of UCA Epsom won the womenswear award with her minimalistic collection in pale pastels and neutrals. 

 Latex fabrics, frayed hems and simple loose cuts gave the collection a simplistic first impression.

But on closer inspection these shapes were like rubber casts ready to create another style as tactile trompe l’oeil brought a subtle 3D dimensional outline of lady like jackets with strings of pearls and an oversized zip fronted dress.  

Lauren Smith of Edinburgh College of Art won the prestigious George Gold award at the Graduate Fashion Show plus £20,000 prize money. 

Air bubble designs, appliqué doodles, oversized coloured paper clips on exaggerated A line tunics with patch pockets, coloured metal eyelets and coloured thread trimmings and wide bell sleeves gave a feeling of childlike innocence and dreams.

 Tulle mid calf skirts in neon yellow and pale blue added a light hearted flirty touch to this feminine collection.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

American Intercontinental University (AIU) 2013 Fashion Show

American Intercontinental University (AIU) chose the spectacular One Mayfair on North Audley Street for their Graduate Fashion Show 2013. Formerly St Mark’s Church, this Grade I building is one of the finest examples in London of neo-classical designs.In the centre of the impressive Grand Hall, the pure white minimalist runway juxtaposed with the surrounding Gothic decor of ornately carved dark wood and row of high stone arches creating a stunning and atmospheric setting.

The catwalk show included 4 women's collections from final year fashion design students:
Hazim Bangwar
Designs were a science fiction take on the legend of King Arthur with the shapes and contours based on the Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajokull.  A colour palette of white and fabric including wide leather strips, the garments were reminiscent of the medieval knights armour plate and layered in an armadillo design. Sparkling silver nets used on sleeves and in between the strips represented the chainmail, whilst chunky cotton ribbons knitted together like wool created a heavy and stiff tunic. Knights in Shining Armour never looked so good.

Michelle Kasujja
In contrast to the cool Knights, Michelle Kasujja’s collection was a hot blaze of spicy red shades and turquoise. A fusion of Ugandan and Scandinavian traditional costume, hems of mid calf skirts were trimmed with decorative ribbons and some of the sleeves took on the distinctive Ugandan style of elbow length and broad puffed shoulders. Garments were adorned with rows of stiff thread necklaces painted red to match the pieces. Jump suits and baggy trousers gave the traditional dress an additional element of street wear.

Sarashka Bekhbat
Sarashka also chose a colour palette of rich red. This time with accents of gold and black, and inspiration from Tibetan culture focusing on eastern traditions with a dash of contemporary style. Using traditional hand craft techniques, the collection emulated the ceremonial styles of Tibet. Textures play a leading role with stiff cowhide and printed sheepskin jackets and collars worn with soft merino felted wool and crumpled silk gowns. The punch holes in the leather skirt were painstakingly all handmade by Sarashka.

Flaminia Mechoulam (top image)
Award winning design of the evening went to Flaminia Mechoulam’s collection.  All white for purity, the inspirations were of Tracing Light, ballet and water droplets creating a blurred femininity. Light fabrics of sheer cotton and georgette were layered for the blurred matt transparent effect created by Tracing Light.  Flaminia used approximately 100 metres of fabric for the collection. The cut of the garments were of round shapes and circles to create curves around the body and represent ballet movements.  She imagined a girl in a white gown dancing on the water and swimming underwater. The delicate hand painted pattern represents water droplets and a dusty layer of chalk as though the garment is drying in patches. The pattern was created by using a brush made from paper for the dusty marks and a pencil to splash on the water droplets. Finishing details included a picot edge stitch creating a curl to the hems and sleeves for volume and femininity.

Images provided by AIU London

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Chelsea's Duke of York Square launches their 1st Celebrate Summer photography competiton with Saatchi Gallery

Duke of York Square in Chelsea launches their first everCelebrate Summer’ photography competition, in association with the Saatchi Gallery.

 From 5th July – 11th August, visitors to the exclusive shopping area are invited to capture an image that best encapsulates ‘summer’. 

With 11 categories to enter including ‘Best Composition’ and ‘Greatest Smartphone Entry’ there is plenty of opportunity for submissions to gain recognition and win fantastic prizes. 

One entrant will win a professional SLR Camera as well as the ultimate prize of their picture displayed at the Saatchi Gallery.  The winning image along with the best images from the ten other categories will be on display from 26 Aug – 9 Sep in Gallery Mess. A Celebratory friends and family event will also take place on the launch evening.
Don’t worry if you don’t have a professional camera, just tweet your image to @DOYSQ with the hashtag  #celebratesummer


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