Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Krispy Kreme doughnuts have a Glamour make-over

- Celebrating 10 years of GLAMOUR -

The glossy magazine 'Glamour' is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and of course in the office you always bring in doughnuts when celebrating birthdays, so Glamour decided to get together with Krispy Kreme UK to create the GLAMOUR Glaze doughnut - the most stylish and glossy doughnut ever.

' Based on the signature Original Glazed doughnut, these limited edition treats are finished with a sparkling glaze in shades of hot pink and purple; satisfying the taste buds with a delicious hint of strawberry and blackcurrant.'
I wonder, do you think the glaze will stain our lips hot pink or purple? A great way to touch up your lipstick!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Jamelia wears Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes

Jamelia wears Gianmarco Lorenzi Black Label purple Swarovski-encrusted courts to The Justin Beiber ‘Never say Never’ Premiere, last night, Wednesday the 16th February 2011
She did them justice by keeping the rest of her outfit minimilistic and black.
These are available from the Gianmarco Lorenzi store, 40 South Molton Street, London W1 at a price of £1,250- start saving up ladies!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Retro 50's Dresses

The 50’s were rocking and rolling at the Pure Spirit Exhibition held at Earl’s Court today.

Here’s a pretty in pink flamingo full skirted halter neck frock with pink netting underneath by Limb
www.limb-clothing.com They are based in Greater Manchester and design their own exclusive range of handmade dresses and corsets.
Waiting in the background ready to say aloha is the Green Hawaii dress, price £95. This cotton dress is based on a Hawaiian wedding wraparound dress and at the front has a waterfall frill. The pattern is of Bird of Paradise and Hibiscus flowers with palm fronds on an antique sage green background. Now you just need the Hawaiian beach and the groom.

This Yellow Retro inspired frock has a deep pleated skirt and fitted bodice price £95. It comes with fabric belt and buckle in the same cotton fabric with a floral spray pattern on a pale yellow background.

Then we rock 'n roll on to www.trolliedolly.com with their shorter tea dresses but still with the 50’s theme.
To get your heart fluttering go for the butterfly design dress with asymmetrical shoulder  and thin white plait belt.Or the red button up tea dress with the red trimmed heart shaped neckline.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pixie - young fashion knitwear label

Attended the Pure Spirit exhibition in Earl’s Court today, where young fashion brands get to show their great designs to the press and more importantly to the retail buyers.
Loving Pixie , the fashion label specialising in knitwear. www.pixieknitwear.com

Here is Pixie’s chunky open cable crop jumper knitted in cotton tape. It may be drafty in winter , but for summer it’ll be a cool breeze. The fair-trade handmade chunky ceramic beaded necklaces in rosso orange are from Kazuri Beads (www.kazuribeads.co.uk) and the handbag by Nica (www.nica.co.uk)
It's worth another image showing the back. Oh and the guy in the front is wearing top and jeans from Jack & Jones Vintage (www.jackjones.com/vintage)

And for a more sophisticated look, there’s Pixie's stylish fine knit geo maxi dress 50% wool and 50% acrylic. Here it is accessorised with a Kangol hat (www.kangol.com), handbag by She Who Dares (www.shewhodaresuk.com), and not forgetting man in Jack & Jones Vintage t-shirt.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

How to Choose a Sequin top for your Bodyshape

Sequins, if used in the right way, can flatter any figure. From the large busted to the boyish figure, there's a sequin top to fit them all.

How To Choose Sequin Tops

Now, we're going to talk about how to choose a sequin top. Sequins will add texture and glamor to a top but you must also realize they will add volume and draw the eye towards them. So, for the larger busted lady, I wouldn't suggest something like this, which is sequins all over because it would just add volume and also bring more attention to your larger bust.

Go for something like this where the sequins are just on the shoulders and it leaves the bust area free. So, it distracts away from the bust and brings more attention to the shoulders. Now, for the inverted triangle, where you have, if you've got broad shoulders, this look is not good so maybe you need to have something that has just a little bit of sequin just on the top rather than there.

Or, you can have sequins at the bottom, anywhere away from the shoulders. Now, you can tell the shininess of the sequins and this one is a bit duller. This is quite good for the softer featured woman, the one with more softer coloring because it's not as bright.

Anything like this bright will actually overwhelm her look so she needs to go for the duller sequins. So, the bright sequins are for the woman with the higher contrast coloring who can actually take the brightness. Now, something like this is good for the boyish figure because it actually adds bulk to the frame.

It's also very good for the pear-shaped figure because what it's doing is adding bulk to the top half and keeping the attention away from the bottom. You just have to be aware that it's not actually making you look slimmer. It's adding more bulk to the top.

It's just not adding the bulk on the bottom. And, that's how you choose a sequin top.

Friday, 11 February 2011

How to Wear a Slogan T-shirt for your body shape.

This guide gives information on how to stay on trend properly when wearing slogan T shirts. It details how to accessorize and wear this trend for different figure types.

Tops & Outerwear:
How To Wear Slogan T Shirts

Now, I'm going to talk to you about how to wear a slogan T shirt. You should always keep a slogan T shirt casual. Where the placement of the slogan is quite important, because you can see this one is high up here, it's just across the bust area.

This is great for the pear shaped because it brings all the detail in here away from the hips. But it's not very good for the larger busted lady. This one here, it's all over the T shirt, and actually it will emphasize a larger tummy.

So if you don't want to emphasize the tummy, don't have one all over. Have it here. It will emphasize your bust, but it will keep your tummy clear.

And now, we're going to dress the T shirts up. As I say, please keep them casual. I have a pair of jeans, they always look good with jeans and simple is best really for a slogan T shirt.

Because it is, it's a more laid back look, so you need to have a more laid back style. If you wanted to jazz it up a little bit, just add maybe a waist coat or you can just wear a jacket. A boyfriend style jacket is a good style to have because it's a looser fitting in keeping with the more relaxed look.

Jewelry - keep to a minimum. You can wear bangles because they're away from the neckline, but you don't want to wear a necklace here because it covers the slogan anyway. So we'll just wear bangles.

Keep your footwear casual as well. In the summer, wear flip flops, or in the winter, wear just chunky boots. And that's how to wear a slogan T shirt. .

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How to Choose Satin Tops for your Body Shape

Get the perfect tips from personal stylist Karen. She explains how to select the satin tops according to the shape of your body and how to look good with it.

Tops & Outerwear:
How To Choose Satin Tops

Now, we're going to talk about how to wear a satin top. A satin top brings attention to the top half of our body because of the shininess and it also intensifies the color. So, it's actually a great shape for the pear shape women who have the wider hips because all the attention goes to the top.

Now for the larger busted women, now you want to minimize the amount of satin that you wear. This one, what it does, it has satin at the front and these dark tunnels here are quite slimming, so it brings the satin around the bust area, but it doesn't actually make them look big so that's quite good for larger busted women. This one is good for the hourglass or a larger busted woman who wants to show off her bust.

But you do need to have a waist because this actually slims the waist since it is darker and because all the emphasis is on the bust area. But if you don't have a waist, actually the band will make you look wider so it's only good if you're slim, just a little bit slimmer, so you got a little curvature here. And also, it goes for the boyish figure who wants to create the illusion of the bust.

For the larger lady who wants to camouflage her bust or she has a larger tummy, always have drop down waist because it brings the waist down here away from the tummy. You may want to restrict the amount of satin again that you use. This one has the satin mainly on the back which is hugely the smallest part of the torso, so that's okay.

This one has just a satin tunnelling here and what that does panels whether the different colors or different fabrics will actually draw the eye downwards so you just make you look slimmer. This one has detail here as well to cover the tummy area. But if that is too much the larger busted lady, again just have the satin around the neck line, just great to give the glamour.

And that's how you choose a satin top.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

How to Choose Casual Tops

Choosing the right casual top can be confusing due to the many choices available. This video details the style of three different casual tops: the polo, the peasant and the western, including the options for different body types to wear them properly.

Tops & Outerwear:
How To Choose Casual Tops
  1. Now, we're going to talk about how to choose a casual top. There are so many different styles of casual tops so I've just chosen three. There's the classic polo shirt.

    Now, you can get plain polo shirts or you can get like this one, stripes. If you're larger busted, I would go for the plain polo neck. If you're pear-shaped, you can go for the striped because it gives more detail attention to the top half than to your wider hips.

    Also for the boyish frame, you can go for the stripes as well. This blouson, gypsy, or peasant shaped blouse is ideal for if you want to hide the tummy. It actually creates a waist for the boyish figure and also for if you've got a larger tummy, it actually hides.

    All the pleats hide the tummy so it's great for that. And the elasticated bottom is great for accentuating a waist if you have one, but if you don't, it's great for creating a waist. The blouson style of the blouse actually falls over the waistband so it's a good camouflage.

    Then, we go for the cowboy style, the western-style-like shirt. This keeps coming back into fashion. So, it's quite a good style to have.

    Then it does have a lot of detail on the front so it's not as good for the larger busted lady. So if you can get one without pockets, do so. But the check detail and actually vertical stripes make you look slimmer, horizontal stripes make you look wider, but the check actually counteracts that because if they're both, if they're both in the same depth and coloring, then there's no problem with that.

    If you're larger, you can wear checks. And that's how to choose a casual top.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

How to choose a blouse dress

This video presents blouse dresses as an alternative to wearing blouses and skirts separately. It defines what a blouse dress is, and it gives useful tips about how to match blouse dresses to body type.

Skirts & Dresses:
How To Choose A Blouse Dress

Now, we're going to talk about how to choose a blouse dress. A blouse dress is when the top half looks like a blouse and the bottom half looks like a skirt and from afar, it actually looks as though you are wearing a blouse and a skirt. It's great for work wear and normally, the top half is lighter than the bottom half.

You can get different styles for the bottom half, for the skirt, but usually it is more of the straight pencil skirt. Now this blouse dress is good for the pear-shaped because it's dark on the bottom and light on the top, so it brings all the attention up here. But if you are larger busted, you may want to go for a blouse dress that is darker on the top and has more detail on the bottom.

This is great for the woman who has broad shoulders and small hips, because it draws down the attention to the patterned skirt. Some of the blouse dresses do come with belts. Now, the belt is good if you have a tiny waist, but if you don't have a tiny waist, it will draw more attention here and so choose a blouse dress without the belt.

And actually blouse dresses are better than blouses and skirts because there is less tightness here, so if you don't have a waist or you have a large tummy, then a blouse dress is probably a better alternative to wearing a blouse and a skirt. And that's how to choose a blouse dress.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

How to Wear a Novelty T-shirt

This fabulous guide describes how to manage the trend of novelty t-shirts. Whether you like muted or bright colors, the guide shows how to wear the novelty t-shirts beyond just pairing with jeans.

Tops & Outerwear:
How To Wear Novelty T Shirts

Now, I'm going to talk about how to wear a novelty t-shirt. We've got one here. Now, we all know that you can wear novelty t-shirts with jeans, I'm just showing you how to dress it up a little bit.

You can put a western shirt, cowboy style check shirt over it, in the same, in a contrasting colour or the same color, whichever you prefer. Have it opened at the top because you don't want to actually conceal the details, because there's no point in wearing a novelty t-shirt if you're going to do that. You may as well wear a plain one.

So, just have it fastened at the bottom so you can see the actual detail in here. Then, you can wear it with jeans, but you may as well, why not put it with a pair of shorts, tailored shorts like this which is quite in style at the moment. Add your thick tights and your boots and then just add some bangles.

You don't want to actually wear a necklace because you've got all this detail in here. So you don't actually want to add anymore because the attention really is on here. This look will suit more the lady with the more muted coloring because the colors are all pale and blend together.

But for the lady who can take or loves colors but can take the colors, we could go for the brighter colours, such as add this novelty t-shirt which is black and hot pink to the shorts and add this bright check blouse. And this is my take on how you guys can wear the novelty t-shirt with style.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How to Wear a Long Sleeve Dress

Wearing a long sleeve dress sometimes need extra accessories to fulfill its look. Watch the video to style yourselves with the ideas of wearing a long sleeve dress

Skirts & Dresses:
How To Wear A Long Sleeve Dress
  1. Now, I'm going to talk about how to wear a long sleeve dress. The principle is the same whether it's a long sleeve blouse or a long sleeve dress. If you have long sleeves, you may want to consider layering it, like this waist coat, you got different layers of both lengths which are fine.

    It could add details to the garments. But you do have to keep a keeping with the style of the actual long sleeve dress. For instance, this is the Bohemian dress, so you need to go to choose a waist coat which is eclectic and in the Bohemian style.

    So you can mix your patterns because that's the Bohemian look, so that's what you do for the bohemian look. If you don't want to wear a knitted waist coat, you could wear a fergila that's very in style at the moment. Also, for a more conservative look, maybe work wear, you may want to consider, this is the blouse dress, you may want to just consider wearing a waist top.

    What you do is you don't conceal, they are actually beautiful sleeves that still on the show but it gives you actually warms on the top half. For a plainer long sleeve dress, you may want to add more color or texture such as this scarf. It brings the details, the focus, more to the front of the dress.

    And for a patterned or sequenced long sleeve dress, the focus is actually on the long sleeves, so you don't want to cover them up. So just add a statement necklace which is this, try not to go for statement earrings because it will bring more details, concentrate more details on the shoulders. So, go for a statement necklace which actually balances the detailing, you got detail on the arms and then you got some detail in the center.

    For this one also, because it's the cold lam top sleeves, because that's quite white at the top, if you're just wearing an ordinary coat, you squash them up, so go for the capes. Now, they are quite in trend. So you could go for the capes or a shawl for the evening.

    And that's how you wear a long sleeve dress. .

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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

TOUS and Manolo Blahnik announce the launch of an exclusive jewellery collaboration featuring the designer’s iconic shoes

Now we all know a pair of Manolo Blahnik's is a work of art and a treasure to possess, so why not wear one dangling from a gold chain with a diamond button???
OK I’m not talking about the actual shoe, but a gorgeous gold charm.
Rosa Tous from the lifestyle brand TOUS has joined forces with Manolo Blahnik to showcase his mythical mary jane ‘Campari’ shoe as jewellery. This will be launched this March in 300 TOUS boutiques world-wide, starting in Mexico and then Rockerfeller Centre in Manhattan. Sorry don’t know when it’ll walk in to London.
Images of the charm will be released in March – just keep your eyes peeled.

About Manolo Blahnik: For almost 40 years, Manolo Blahnik’s shoe designs have been worn by women all over the world. Blahnik began his career in 1972 on the advice of a US Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland. The brand is known for elaborate and classic designs and prides itself on the highest level of quality and comfort. It is currently present in over 16 countries world-wide.
About TOUS: Founded in 1920, TOUS has created an innovative jewelry concept that stands out from traditional top-of-the-range jewelry. This family-owned company offers original gems crafted in unique materials: day-to-night jewelry, always on trend.  Today, TOUS has evolved into a lifestyle brand with its accessory, perfume and watch collections. The Barcelona-based company is present in 45 countries with nearly 400 stores.


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