Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How to Choose Satin Tops for your Body Shape

Get the perfect tips from personal stylist Karen. She explains how to select the satin tops according to the shape of your body and how to look good with it.

Tops & Outerwear:
How To Choose Satin Tops

Now, we're going to talk about how to wear a satin top. A satin top brings attention to the top half of our body because of the shininess and it also intensifies the color. So, it's actually a great shape for the pear shape women who have the wider hips because all the attention goes to the top.

Now for the larger busted women, now you want to minimize the amount of satin that you wear. This one, what it does, it has satin at the front and these dark tunnels here are quite slimming, so it brings the satin around the bust area, but it doesn't actually make them look big so that's quite good for larger busted women. This one is good for the hourglass or a larger busted woman who wants to show off her bust.

But you do need to have a waist because this actually slims the waist since it is darker and because all the emphasis is on the bust area. But if you don't have a waist, actually the band will make you look wider so it's only good if you're slim, just a little bit slimmer, so you got a little curvature here. And also, it goes for the boyish figure who wants to create the illusion of the bust.

For the larger lady who wants to camouflage her bust or she has a larger tummy, always have drop down waist because it brings the waist down here away from the tummy. You may want to restrict the amount of satin again that you use. This one has the satin mainly on the back which is hugely the smallest part of the torso, so that's okay.

This one has just a satin tunnelling here and what that does panels whether the different colors or different fabrics will actually draw the eye downwards so you just make you look slimmer. This one has detail here as well to cover the tummy area. But if that is too much the larger busted lady, again just have the satin around the neck line, just great to give the glamour.

And that's how you choose a satin top.

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