Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How to Wear a Long Sleeve Dress

Wearing a long sleeve dress sometimes need extra accessories to fulfill its look. Watch the video to style yourselves with the ideas of wearing a long sleeve dress

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How To Wear A Long Sleeve Dress
  1. Now, I'm going to talk about how to wear a long sleeve dress. The principle is the same whether it's a long sleeve blouse or a long sleeve dress. If you have long sleeves, you may want to consider layering it, like this waist coat, you got different layers of both lengths which are fine.

    It could add details to the garments. But you do have to keep a keeping with the style of the actual long sleeve dress. For instance, this is the Bohemian dress, so you need to go to choose a waist coat which is eclectic and in the Bohemian style.

    So you can mix your patterns because that's the Bohemian look, so that's what you do for the bohemian look. If you don't want to wear a knitted waist coat, you could wear a fergila that's very in style at the moment. Also, for a more conservative look, maybe work wear, you may want to consider, this is the blouse dress, you may want to just consider wearing a waist top.

    What you do is you don't conceal, they are actually beautiful sleeves that still on the show but it gives you actually warms on the top half. For a plainer long sleeve dress, you may want to add more color or texture such as this scarf. It brings the details, the focus, more to the front of the dress.

    And for a patterned or sequenced long sleeve dress, the focus is actually on the long sleeves, so you don't want to cover them up. So just add a statement necklace which is this, try not to go for statement earrings because it will bring more details, concentrate more details on the shoulders. So, go for a statement necklace which actually balances the detailing, you got detail on the arms and then you got some detail in the center.

    For this one also, because it's the cold lam top sleeves, because that's quite white at the top, if you're just wearing an ordinary coat, you squash them up, so go for the capes. Now, they are quite in trend. So you could go for the capes or a shawl for the evening.

    And that's how you wear a long sleeve dress. .

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