Sunday, 13 February 2011

How to Choose a Sequin top for your Bodyshape

Sequins, if used in the right way, can flatter any figure. From the large busted to the boyish figure, there's a sequin top to fit them all.

How To Choose Sequin Tops

Now, we're going to talk about how to choose a sequin top. Sequins will add texture and glamor to a top but you must also realize they will add volume and draw the eye towards them. So, for the larger busted lady, I wouldn't suggest something like this, which is sequins all over because it would just add volume and also bring more attention to your larger bust.

Go for something like this where the sequins are just on the shoulders and it leaves the bust area free. So, it distracts away from the bust and brings more attention to the shoulders. Now, for the inverted triangle, where you have, if you've got broad shoulders, this look is not good so maybe you need to have something that has just a little bit of sequin just on the top rather than there.

Or, you can have sequins at the bottom, anywhere away from the shoulders. Now, you can tell the shininess of the sequins and this one is a bit duller. This is quite good for the softer featured woman, the one with more softer coloring because it's not as bright.

Anything like this bright will actually overwhelm her look so she needs to go for the duller sequins. So, the bright sequins are for the woman with the higher contrast coloring who can actually take the brightness. Now, something like this is good for the boyish figure because it actually adds bulk to the frame.

It's also very good for the pear-shaped figure because what it's doing is adding bulk to the top half and keeping the attention away from the bottom. You just have to be aware that it's not actually making you look slimmer. It's adding more bulk to the top.

It's just not adding the bulk on the bottom. And, that's how you choose a sequin top.

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