Friday, 22 October 2010

Pond's - Cult Beauty Revival

Vintage is very now and why not extend the vintage theme to your beauty routine?

Well we’re not actually recommending that you scour around “Ye Olde Chemist Shoppe” to chance on an overlooked old pot of moisturiser left at the back of a dusty shelf.  Clothes may age well but not so sure about beauty products.

No we’re talking about the 100 year old cult beauty brand Pond’s, a skincare brand which was passed down from mother to daughter as the secret to beautiful radiant skin.

 And now for the first time in 50 years, it has been revamped for women of today.  Originally five products, Pond’s slim lined them down to four as the light day and dry skin cream were too similar.
Each cream now offers more effective and specialised treatment for individual skin types resulting in a more targeted skincare collection.

However one classic formula has remained the same (why change something that works and is successful?)  and that’s the Cold Cream Cleanser. This multi task beauty product is for all skin types and can be used as: a cleanser, eye makeup remover, hydrating face mask and a hand cream. Now that’s value for money.
And did you know that Kleenex tissues were first invented as a means to remove cold cream from the face? It was only clever Joe Public who decided they were a good disposable alternative to the handkerchief.

The other 3 Pond’s products are as follows:
For dry skin – New Pond’s Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle SPF 15.  Enriched with White Tea extract and vitamin B3 it helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles appearing.

For mature skin – Pond’s Triple Action Moisturiser. Vitamin A and E help stimulate cell renewal whilst Soy and Glycolic Acid boost collagen production to firm and tone the skin

For normal to dry skin – Pond’s Hydro-Nourishing Cream. Hydro Elastine and vitamin E increase skin elasticity whilst fatty acids in Evening Primrose oil moisturise and hydrate.

The packaging has had a complete image overhaul whilst keeping the retro look with the glass jar. But instead of the old tub shape, it now has a more modern sleek look with a jaunty tilted pink lid.
Who knows, maybe you’ll be passing your Pond’s secret on to your daughters and granddaughters.

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Omar Mansoor Spring/Summer 2011 collection

Omar Mansoor specialises in long elegant evening gowns and his spring/summer 2011 collection is no exception.
This collection is named after Terence Rattigan’s ‘After the Dance’ – a play whose central characters have spent years in a round of endless hedonism in the 20s, refusing to discuss anything serious because it is such a “bore".
Mansoor’s designs reflect the glamour and drama of this era with embellishments of Swarovskis and thread work on draped chiffons and silks in
silver grey, ...
...dusty pink,... and ..
....midnight blue.
 The long gowns ooze elegance and sophistication with their delicate detailing and lavish draping,..
...whilst the knee length floaty cocktail dresses have a flirtier look allowing you to dance the night away.
Photographer: Shahid Malik
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Monday, 11 October 2010

Antipodium Spring/Summer 2011 collection at London Fashion Week

The weather was definitely getting in to the swing of London Fashion Week as the sun shone through the Portico Room windows for Antipodium’s ‘Hothouse ‘collection. This mens and womens wear collection is inspired by the Barbican hothouse and what could happen if revellers succumbed to their natural urges at a refined soiree.
Prints are oversized entwined limbs in greens and greys on shirts and shirt dresses,..
...dense foliage in mulberry and green,... moths on sky blue blouses and mini flared skirts and dresses.
Skirt length varies from the flirty mini to..
the elegant 40’s mid calf length of the waffle knitted body con dress
and stretch denim pencil skirts.
Brown washed linen shorts with a frayed hem look tailored teamed with waffled knit jumper and sky blue moth blouse,
and the soft nylon raincoat in chartreuse gives the illusion of wet grass whilst the diaphanous chartreuse dress underneath reflects hot humidity.
Other main colour is dusty pale pink in a skinny leg pant suit
and floor length diaphanous dress.
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Saturday, 9 October 2010

KRYSTOF STROZYNA Spring/Summer 2011 collection at London Fashion Week

Lots of lace as.....
high waist wide legged pants,
and short dresses,
but also as panelling in body con short dresses and lace fitted leg warmers.
Main colour palette is muted beige
with accents of neon violet,
mint green
and fuchsia pink in chiffon drapes, panelling,
animal prints
and tropical flower prints.
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Friday, 8 October 2010

Romeo Pires Spring/Summer 2011 collection at London Fashion Week

This mens and womenswear collection has a circus clown feel to it....
....with long broad braces....
.....holding up very low slung baggy trousers.....
......and skirts with wide loose waist bands.
Main colour palette is crisp white and stone...
....with touches of black.....
......and splashes of terracotta.
Layering is key....
.....and prints of large skull are bold and dramatic.
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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Ann-Sofie Back Atelje Spring/Summer 2011 at London Fashion Week

After rushing from the catwalk shows of the big marquee to get to the Portico Rooms we then could relax and enjoy the slower paced salon show of Ann-Sofie Back. 
The theme for the collection is porn and the sexualisation of society.
Not being at all seedy the colour palette is sophisticated black and white.
 The look is simplistic with added twists:
This fascinating white dress has the appearance of being damp and clung to the model’s body.
Detailing is seen as twisted plexi bras worn over simple tops,...
......large silver rings framing cutaway circles on backs....
....and tear drop jewellery weights securing the drape fabrics.
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