Monday, 15 October 2018

Paul Costelloe SS19 at London Fashion Week

Titled ‘Joy’ , the collection is a joyous array of rainbow colours with a soft nod to the sexual revolution. 

Futuristic tailoring in bold silhouettes

Hemlines vary 

Shoulders are the ultimate statement

 Fabric are silk blends from Lyons and Como,

 Irish crisp linens 

and rich Italian jacquards 

Fresh modern florals 

and graphic prints 

Edeline Lee SS19 at London Fashion Week

For SS19 , Edeline Lee is inspired by the lives contemporary women lead and the multiple roles that they play in their lives.
 Ruching and ruffles are used to delineate structure, and their texture as graphic, decorative elements to soften Lee's precise, tailored, womanly shapes.

From tiny, pin-hemmed, then scrunched ruffles,

to voluptuous, doubled and rolled flounces, to circles cut directly into the pattern construction; each idea has been extrapolated into eminently wearable, yet playful and feminine silhouettes.

 Stripes and distorted zigzag textures are created through the techniques used in their fabrication and in their placement

  The house's signature Flou Bubble Jacquard fabric is represented in Scarlet, Ivory and Bottle Green, and the heavyweight Georgette Champion is in Mustard and Ivory.

A Crinkle Georgette adds a new fluid character to the work in Scarlet, Brown, Ivory, and a graphic, hand-painted Zigzag Print.

Finally, an open-structured Leno Weave Stripe adds a further dimension to the silhouette.

 The collection is accented with delicately hand-covered, multi-colored dome buttons and buckles, revealing a flash of gold metalwork behind their coverings.

 Edeline Lee Spring Summer 2019 is dedicated for the memory of Mark Sebba.

Starsica SS19 at London Fashion Week

Titled 'Doctored Evidence, Be True To Yourself' , this SS19 collection was inspired by the current realities of life learned through a variety of different experiences - a 'Cabinet of Curiosities' concept where a variety of seemingly different objects are gathereed together in a 'wonder room'.  It is a journey through memories.

It begins with a girl walking alone through a tropical rain forest.

Leopard print and chiffon reflect morning dew on fossilised plants

She then finds herself in a glamorous cocktail party.

She is then transported to a strange exotic library which is littered with crime scenes.

There she discovers the evidence of her fragmented past and the starting point of the memory disorientation From this point on, the broken memories are reactivated and her reality is reconstructed into a new reality

Stickers on coats and dresses reflect memory fragments of exotic places visited.

Rattan dress and jacket has zigzag detail edging as if cut from frenzied scissors

Video of the finale

Three Fifty-Nine SS19 at London Fashion Week

For SS19, Marwa Sayed's  contemporary fashion brand has collaborated with graphic artist Hani Mahfouz for its  doodle style prints, from the delicate floral doodle to.. 

 the bolder and more colourful graphic design

Titled ‘Perfection is Overrated’, the message is relayed as slogan on belts and straps.

A mainly neutral colour pallet accented with a dash of mustard yellow and hot pinks.

 The collection is feminine and has an airy feel.

Sponsored by DDFC (Dubai Design & Fashion Council) and FAD (Institute of Luxury, Fashion & Style) Dubai, this was the brand’s very first international show.

Photographer: Simon Armstrong


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