Monday, 23 July 2018

TUMI Announces Rosario Dawson to Front AW18 Campaign

TUMI announced the release of a global campaign to coincide with the launches of TUMI’s newest women’s collections, Georgica and Mezzanine , and the Fall 2018 launches of key collections, Voyageur and Mariella .The campaign features one woman, played by actress, producer and activist Rosario Dawson, embodying four different personas.

 Each mode features vastly different ambitions, appearances and bag styles, but there’s one thing they all have in common – each is on their perfect journey. Directed by Allen Coulter, the campaign follows each of these personas on individual journeys with a TUMI women’s bag in hand and blends them together s eamlessly to become one unique journey. We open to our TUMI woman at home, about to begin her day. She heads to a gritty warehouse gym, takes her boxing gloves out of her Voyageur Colina Duffel and steps into the ring. You can see that she’s been training for a long time - the dedication in her eyes, the bruises on her hands and the sweat on her brow. There’s beauty in her strength and she’s prepared for anything that comes her way.

 We follow her as she transitions to her Georgica Yvonne Carry - All and moves confidently through a professional setting, leading a group of investors. She’s unstoppable and up for any challenge. She shakes her colleague’s hand from the head of the conference room table to seal the deal. She’s driven and will never settle in her pursuit of excellence.

 Full of energy and ambition, our TUMI woman carries her Mezzanine Joan Backpack with her as she heads backstage to cultivate her passions. She’s dynamic and inspired. We see her sharing her ideas with the band and watches them play back, falling deep into the music. She’s courageous with her creativity.

Finally, she’s an eccentric taste - maker at the top of her game, giving direction at a photoshoot. She has powerful opinions and drives those ideas further. The only thing that’s as strong as her ideas is her sense of style. Her Mariella Vivian Tote makes a bold statement. She leads her team with confidence at all times.

“Being a part of this TUMI campaign has been an incredible experience,” says Rosario Dawson. “I’ve loved expressing each of these personas, creating bold statements and communicating powerf ul actions through each journey.” “With this campaign, we wanted to follow the spirit embodied by each of these personas, revealing one amazing, strong, resilient, intelligent woman,” says Victor Sanz, TUMI’s Creative Director. “Partnering with Rosario to present this incredible woman to the world was an amazing experience. This woman inspired us and represents all the women breaking barriers and living in multiple modes around the world.” Georgica, Mezzanine, Voyageur and Mariella will be offered in a ra nge of styles, sizes and colors and will be available TUMI retail stores worldwide and on

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Patrick Pham AW18 at Paris Fashion Haute Couture Week

All the colours of the Vietnam and of his childhood have inspired the French Patrick Pham for the 4 Seasons collection…

 Light pink as a lotus flower, blue of the dawn sky in summer, or red chilli, green of the rice-fields…

Handmade embroideries, pearls on silk, on cashmere, lace, velvet or tulle.

And the black of course, spellbinding in its evening gowns, festive nights, and caressing the flesh of chic but cheeky women.

 The collection shows a wardrobe made of sophisticated suits as pearls dresses, which could travel on a cruise ship through the China Sea.

The Patrick Pham woman likes to wear creations which are lightly sculpted and shaped on her body.

The dresses favour movement, freedom, and luxury and are made of gossamer embroideries. A society woman, a woman in the society.

RANI ZAKHEM AW18 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

'A Warrior Goddess in her Crystal Armour' Rani Zakhem Couture AWr 2018-2019 collection is a vibrant and sparkling tribute to the combating and combative woman, Amazone of all jungles and terribly ”Glamazonian”

All elements of nature are invoked to protect this dangerous chameleon emerging from the foliage or surrounded by all the animals of Creation.

 The camouflage spirit dominates the graphic scene of this Couture collection. Shades of khaki on a silk crepe sablé,  “V” neck spencer with structured shoulders, and sharp cigarette pants.

Rani Zakhem redesigns the camouflage print as an embossed sumptuous ornament embroidered in new tonalities: glittering emerald, bronze and gold on a pencil skirt; red, black and gold crystals in clusters on an incendiary sheath

 or  in a single element, gold, iridescent crystal and silver, wrapping the waist of a white silk crepe cocktail dress vertiginously slit on the bias.

 Another recurring motif is the oversized military insignia, which adorn the sleeves of a jacket or coat as giant gold glittering embroidered chevrons.

 Main colour palette is pure white, a value rather than a color, considered fragile but luminous, bold, a symbol of renewal and resilience.

In Rani Zakhem’s imaginary jungle "glamazone" is also the delicate guardian of a paradise that she will not let falter. Like a nymph, it is marked with the seal of the forests translated, here in diaphanous sheaths where intertwined cascades of lianas drawn by the designer and hand embroidered with sequins and white, bronze, silver and gold braided threads.

 On the skirt of a tulle dress with crinoline the  imaginary jungle unfolds, a fairy where fauna and flora blend in a palette of pale pink, gold and copper,

 In this celebration of nature there is also a spectacular crinoline creation, fluttering black tulle, with scattering of crystals, evoking a spider in its precious cobweb.

Dragonflies flutter over pastel hues of aquatic vegetation on an exquisite revealing ballgown . as well as an adorable sheath in tulle cascades, nuanced from orange to pink, like a poisonous flower or panoply of native warriors. Subtle references from Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan and Azzedine Alaïa punctuate the couture vocabulary of Rani Zakhem, between a Saharienne detail, a draped moulage, the powerful minimalism of a white dres

Saturday, 7 July 2018

AZULANT AKORA AW18 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

A collection Inspired by Millennials and made by Millennials African Australian designer Azulant Akora embraces unconventional angles and unexpected forms, bold colors and regal silhouettes.

Emerging onto the Australian fashion scene in 2013 where she was awarded the Australian Wool Fashion Award, Azulant is a designer on the move.

 Her latest collection, AVATAR, is inspired by the movie.
The main message is “ All energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back. ” In life, everything is about balance; giving back as much as we take and respecting the Earth.

Drawing on its message of respecting our natural resources and connecting with the Earth. Science is unable to keep up with our industrial society. We are destroying species faster than we can classify them.

 This collection features the vibrancy of Royal Blue, Royal Purple, Royal Green with hints of metallic silver and gold.

Avatar is a collection bound to inspire! Sharp cuts and sexy shapes, power looks for power girls. Structure meets style!

ARMINE OHANYAN AW18 SHOW at Paris Haute Couture Week

Titled 'Elements' Armine Ohanyan AW18 couture collection is inspired by nature, showing the natural elements in their form: ice, crystalization, rain, wind, dew and roots.

Each shape in the collection represents one of these elements while at the same time a climate evolution where each season has its unique beauty and a gentle and mysterious atmosphere.

Armine uses new techniques such as 3D printing and materials crafting.

MARIA ARISTIDOU AW18 Couture Show at Paris Fasshion Week

Titled 'Serendity' -the inspiration for Maria Aristidou's AW18 collection was an overjoyed roller coaster.

Geometric patterns with embroidery embellishments captures the romantic side of a woman and the power of the universe!

Colours of limelight and darkness create a luxury feast of knit fabrics for sleek cut designs, that embrace the woman figure.

 Timeless classic with a modern twist are the signatures of the designer's Autumn/Winter 2018-19 "Serendipity" Collection!


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