Thursday, 29 December 2011

In A New Year Special Topman GENERATION Transform Amy Childs Into A Dandy Bohemian Rock Star From Another Era

Amy Childs has been given a vampish makeover for the online magazine Topman GENERATION.

With Art Direction from Editor John-Paul Pryor, Fashion photographer  Michael Hemy (Tom Ford, Dazed & Confused, Louis Vuitton) turns the TOWIE star into a sophisticated 70s glamour puss and the face of a mysterious and mythical bohemian rock'n'roll band from the mid-70s.
Wearing classic vintage sourced by stylist Melissa Thompson (AnOther Magazine, Dazed & Confused), Essex siren Amy Childs is joined in her fictional rock'n'roll troupe by her vampish male bohemian cohorts. 

This is Amy Childs, Voodoo Child.

Her current show  "It's All About Amy" on Channel 5 will be back in the New year from  January 12, on from 11:00pm.

Images provided by Topman

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bring in the New Year in Style

True Religion's Casey leather skinny trousers would bring in the New Year in style!

They are made of buttery soft leather and available from Selfridges and Harrods.
Price: £685

Image provided by Modus PR

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Wishing You a Merry Berry Christmas!

Add some festive colour to your make up with the many berry eye shadows available, a great alternative to the faithful neutral browns. They instantly give you a fun and glamorous look and complement   most skin tones and eye colours.
The model is wearing New CID i-shadow quad palette in Blackberry Berry at £21.50. The palette includes a blackberry liner, shimmering berry, matt dusky pink and matt highlighter. Unfortunately not all of us have the perfect eye shape so faithfully copying a look does not always bring the same results.

Here are a few tips:
Deep Set Eyes
The most popular way to apply eye shadow is to always apply the darkest shade in to the crease of the eye, but for deep set eyes this will only make them look more sunken.
Light shade: apply the dusky pink all over the eye from lash line to brow.
Highlighter: don’t be tempted to apply in the usual place i.e. under the brow, as this will just emphasise the already prominent brow. Instead apply in the crease of the eye to draw it forward.
 Dark shade:  Very lightly dust the berry on the outer corners of the prominent brow bone to make this part of the eye recede. Sweep the berry shade under the lower lash for definition.
Liner: Use the blackberry eyeliner shade sparingly and as close as possible to the lash line. If you want to apply a thicker line then lightly dust with the pink to soften the stark colour.

Prominent Eyes
You are the opposite of deep set, and so the most popular usual way to apply eye shadow does work on you.
Light shade: Apply the dusty pink all over the eye from lash to brow.
Highlighter: Apply a little under the eyebrows only.
Dark shade: Dust the berry shade over the eyelid and in to the crease of the eye to help deepen the eyes. Add more of the shade in to the eye crease to create a more dramatic look. Apply under the lower lash
Liner: You can be more generous with your eyeliner depending on what look you want to create. Smudge the line for a smoky softer look.
Available from

L’Occitane has a Limited Edition Petals Eye Quartet in their Pivoine Flora Make-up collection, which have been enriched with softening Peony extract. The four eye shadows include:  pale rose, rose beige, deep pink and berry. Price £22

Close Set eyes
Keep the lighter shades closest to your inside corners to pull the eyes apart.
Pale Rose: Apply to the brow bone and the inside corner of the eye nearest the nose, extending slightly  under the lower lashes and above the upper lashes. This will widen the space between the eyes.
Rose Beige: Apply all over the eye except for the inside corners where the pale rose is working its magic.
Deep Pink: Sweep the dark pink across the outer corners only of the crease, upper lid and just half way under the eyes. This will create the illusion of the eyes being wider apart.
Berry: Apply from the outer corners close to the upper and lower lashes and stop just after the middle. Applying too close to the inside corners will emphasise the shorter space between the eyes. For a more dramatic look, sweep the berry shade in to the eye crease and the base of the upper lash line, but only in the outer area.
Wide Set Eyes
The opposite to close set.
Pale Rose: Apply to the brow bone and lid area furthest away from the nose.
Rose Beige: Apply all over the eye from lash line to brow, but deepen the colour nearest to the inner eye corners with extra layers. This will help draw the eyes closer together.
Deep Pink: Lightly dust over the crease and eyelid but start a little way in from the outer corner.  Don’t sweep upwards and outwards or extend beyond the outer edge of the eye as this will only pull the eyes apart. Apply under lower lash from outer to the inner corner to close the eye in.
Berry: Use as liner, dampen the shadow and apply along the full line of the lower and upper lashes which will close the wide space between the eyes.
Available from:

Complete all looks with a neutral or a just a hint of lip colour


Friday, 23 December 2011

The Jeep Wrangler Arctic - Is this Santa's new sleigh?

Will Santa be ditching his sleigh and go for the new special series Jeep Wrangler Arctic? Plus will he be delivering the "Never Adapt: The J Challenge " game?

Available soon on the portal,, the game is built on a multimedia platform and inspired by the concept of "breaking conventional boundaries''. It will allow users to test their J factor through all the major social networks by testing their compatibility with the values and ethos of Jeep and everything it stands for.
The game is comprised of five challenges - each of them inspired by one of the core values ​​of the Jeep brand: uniqueness, passion, adventure, freedom and authenticity. Users can start accessing the link and begin to register for the game, thus ensuring the possibility of receiving a notification when the game officially starts. Each user has a personalised page where they can view their status or progress and archive their results achieved during the game.
After completing each of the five challenges, the score will be calculated on the results of the affinity test with the values ​​of Jeep and activities on various social networks. Once users have completed the challenges, they will have a few days to improve their final score.

Dedicated to those who identify with the core values ​​of the American brand, the game will lead you to discover your wilder, more adventurous side, while acknowledging uniqueness. It will be a journey based on passion, a sense of adventure and freedom – all indicative of those who choose the Jeep brand. The content and implementation on the web were created in collaboration with xister.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

All I want for Christmas is a Peugeot

All I want for Christmas is a Peugeot:

Peugeot Motion & Emotion show in Rio de Janeiro After the release of the initial details of the car on 2 November, this event represents the second key stage in the 208's gradual ramp up. The highly spectacular show was held at Cinelandia Square in Rio de Janeiro, the iconic cultural and social site of the Carioca city, on the evening of 8 December in front of thousands of spectators. The choice of Brazil symbolises the internationalisation of the Peugeot brand and also ties in with the 208's "Let Your Body Drive" signature. Watch the video and see for yourself ... This really was a show boasting state-of-the-art technologies!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Winter Charms By Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo charms get ready for the cool season:
No skating on thin ice with this Sterling Silver ice skate £39.95

The boots on the other foot or wrist here with brown & cream enamelled winter boot with snow drop at £58

Pick up a Penguin for your charm bracelet in black, white & yellow enamel at £48.95

More winter charms on 
Images provided by Task PR

Monday, 19 December 2011

Clements Ribeiro bring out Seven one off Christmas Stockings

Fashion designer duo Clements Ribeiro have designed seven one off wool/cashmere flannel stockings embellished with vintage jet, velvet ribbons, vintage lace and bead trimmings.The stockings have been created individually by the designers combining Victorian and vintage beading embroidery, rare buttons and trimmings. Plus they’ve been embroidered by hand.

Donner, Rudolph, Popzin & Cupid

Named after Santa’s reindeers: Blitzen, Donner Dasher, Comet, Cupid, Popzin and of course Rudolph. Each stocking carries a Clements Riberio label and a handwritten numbered tag.
Price £150 and limited edition of 7
Available online:

You can also find one off hand embroidered Victorian Jet Cashmere accessories which have been customised by the designers : knitted scarves, hats and gloves embellished with jet embroideries, vintage buttons and trims. 100% cashmere and made in Scotland. In dark narvy (night) and flannel grey.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Stictly come Dancing Fever Hits the Toy World

Queens of the ballroom Alesha Dixon and Alex Jones have tied in a poll on the best ever Strictly Come Dancing costume.New research out by girls' fashion design toy Harumika showed that UK females voted the beautiful peach Waltz dress worn by 2007 winner Alesha in the series finale and Alex Jones' white Halloween Paso Doble costume, worn in week five of the current series, as the best ever Strictly outfits.

The Strictly outfits voted in the top ten were:

1. Alesha Dixon's Waltz peach dress worn in the 2007 finale (10 per cent)
2. Alex Jones' white Paso Doble dress from the Dracula story worn in the Halloween special this series (10 per cent)
3. Kara Tointon's sparkly peach dress she danced the American Smooth to in 2010 series Final (9 per cent)
4. Michelle Williams' pink ball gown she wore in show six in 2010 (8 per cent)
5. Jo Wood's sequinned ball gown for the Strictly promotional pictures in the 2009 series (7 per cent)
6. Rachel Stevens' turquoise dress for the Strictly promotional pictures in series six (7 per cent)
7. Ola Jordan, purple animal print number she danced the Foxtrot to in 2009 (6 per cent)
8. Holly Valance's gold short Cha Cha Cha dress she wore in the first episode of the current series (6 per cent)
9. Christine Bleakley's pink ballgown she danced the Waltz to in 2008 (6 per cent)
10. Flavia Cacace's purple gown she danced the Tango to with Russell Grant in this year's series (4 per cent)

Now a budding designer and graduate from Chelsea College of Art and Design, Beth Parry has recreated the top ten Strictly outfits on a girls' fashion toy by crafting the stunning dresses on mini mannequins.
The designs were made using the new Harumika Evening Gown Set, which has been a hit with fashion students as well as young girls designing their own ball gowns and party dresses.

Images provided by Mischief PR

Saturday, 17 December 2011

QVC Official Jewellers To UK Pantomime Princesses

QVC have become the Official Jewellers to some of our beautiful pantomime princesses and will be showering them with their new Diamonique jewellery collection.
Oh no they won’t – OH YES THEY WILL!

Louise Lytton
Diamonique features simulated diamonds that look like the real thing but costs a fraction of the price. Each stone is cut by hand in the same way that natural diamonds are, and upholds the four C’s of diamond quality: clarity, colour, cut and carat plus two new C’s: cost and confidence.

The best loved pantomime in Britain is Cinderella and QVC will be giving the Fairy Godmother a helping hand to transform Cinders in to the Belle of the Ball.
East Enders star, Louisa Lytton is playing Cinders at the Camberley Theatre in Guildford. Also a star in the Bill and Strictly Come Dancing, Louisa comments: “Cinderella is my favourite panto and dressing up as a princess is by far the best bit. The jewellery looks so spectacular so this year I can relax knowing I look a million dollars.”

Looking every inch a princess in the photo taken by fashion celebrity photographer Jim Marks, Louisa shows us what her Cinderella will be wearing:

Two sets of necklace:
Diamonique by Tova graduating tennis necklace with a mix of oval cut and straight baguette cut clear simulated diamonds set in sterling silver. Price £232.50 item nbr 698392
And Diamonique Round cut Glamour Tennis Necklace. Price £190.50 item nbr 697027

Two bracelets:
Diamonique by Tova Art Deco style sterling silver bracelet with simulated diamonds in round and straight baguette cuts. Price £160 item nbr 684460
Plus a Diamonique claw-set tennis bracelet in Sterling Silver.  Price £32.75 item nbr 601115

Diamonique by Tova Floral Cluster sterling silver drop earrings with 2 cushion square cut, 10 marquise cut and 2 pear cut clear simulated diamonds. Price £66.50 item nbr 600267
All available online:

QVC is also playing Fairy godmother to other panto princesses and fairies including Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell and Jasmine making sure they’ll be giving a sparkling performance.
QVC has sponsored the following pantomimes this Christmas: 
·         Cinderella, Connaught Theatre, Worthing (2nd to 31st Dec)
·         Cinderella, Manchester Opera House (3rd to 31st Dec)
·         Sleeping Beauty, The Kings, Glasgow (2nd Dec to 8th Jan)
·         Cinderella, Camberley Theatre, Cambereley (7th Dec to 2nd Jan)
·         Cinderella, Watersmeet Theatre, Rickmansworth (7th to 31st Dec)
·         Dick Wittington, Aylesbury Waterside Theatre (9th to 31st Dec)
·         Cinderella, Richmond Theatre (9th Dec to 15th Jan)
·         Dick Wittington, New Wimbledon Theatre (9th Dec to 15th Jan)
·         Peter Pan, New Victoria Theatre, Woking (9th Dec to 15th Jan)
·         Peter Pan, Bristol Hippodrome (10th Dec to 8th Jan)
·         Cinderella, Lighthouse Theatre, Kettering (13th to 31st Dec)
·         Aladdin, Milton Keynes Theatre (9th Dec to 15th Jan)

Images provided by Mischief PR

Friday, 16 December 2011

What Cocktail Outfit to Wear whilst Sipping a Manhattan

Recipe One– 2oz whiskey, ½ oz cynar (bitters), ¾ oz sweet vermouth and cherry.
Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass over ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a cherry. No ice.

Thomas Sabo cocktail pendant charm could be a Manhattan with its red cherry and orange transparent enamel. Made from 925 Sterling Silver with the Thomas Sabo logo engraved in the base. Price £29.95

Any Herve Leger dress would cause a cocktail stir, but this Neema dress is definitely does in shimmering whiskey metallic colour and all over bandage appliqué with corset cut out detailing and metal hardware accents.
Fabric: rayon, nylon and spandex Price £2530
Available from Herve Leger boutiques at 29 Lowndes Street, London SW1X 9HX Tel: 0207 201 2590

Team with neutral shades in footwear.  These Jimmy Choo patent heel sandals in nude make a stylish statement.  Price £560
Then garnish the outfit with your favourite red lipstick and a Lulu Guinness red snakeskin Fifi clutch bag.
Details: lip shaped clasp, embossed logo and hidden chain handle. Price £325

Cocktail rings became popular during America’s prohibition period. Whilst drinking their cocktails, the ladies would like to flaunt this daring act by wearing large ostentatious rings which soon became known as the Cocktail ring.
Completing this outfit and looking like a cocktail cherry is QVC’s 9ct gold dyed red sea bamboo & diamond accent ring Price £228.50 from item number 600127

Thursday, 15 December 2011

What Cocktail Dress to Wear Whilst Drinking a Dark Horse

The origin of the word ‘cocktail’ is unknown but there are several stories, some of which are equestrian based.
In the 18th and 19th century it was the custom to bob the tails of horses that were of good quality but of mixed breeding. This caused them to stick out like a cock’s tail.  Trainers and horsemen also began to give these cock-tailed horses a dose of ginger mixed with water in order to stimulate their antics for the show ring, maybe the first cocktail drink?
Dark Horse - 25ml Kahlua or coffee liqueur, 25ml rum, 5ml rosso vermouth, cola and lemon slice.
Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker half filled with ice. Shake and strain into a Champagne flute over crushed ice.  Top with cola and garnish with a lemon slice.
A Dark Horse of a cocktail dress is Pinko’s Rivista dress with its layers.
The bottom layer is in plain ‘cola’ black silk but the shorter top is more complex. There is the creamy coffee coloured silk layer with black lace trim and bronze ‘crushed ice’ sequins.  The front sequins are covered in a sheer film of creamy silk chiffon creating a shimmering effect. The sequins at the back are left exposed.
Fabric:  100% silk with polyester lining Price £310
Available from their flagship store at 161 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW2 1QU Tel: 0207 584 6524

Team with edgy black courts. Gianmarco Lorenzi’s black patent leather courts have a twist of rock chic with its metal chain detailing on the platform sole. Price £590
Available from Gianmarco Lorenzi’s boutique store at 40 South Molton Street, London W1K 5RW. Tel: 0207 493 2906

Add your slice of lemon with Pinko’s  Novello leather clutch at £475 Available from the Brompton store.

Cocktail ring: Gold plated Hard Candy ring with its ‘cola fizzy’ black Druzy Agate crystals. Price £119. Available from 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What Cocktail Outfit to Wear Whilst Drinking a Purple People Eater

Purple People Eater- 1oz purple vodka, 1oz peach schnapps, 4oz cranberry juice
Pour vodka and peach schnapps into a martini glass filled with ice and top with cranberry juice. Garnish with blueberries

Go 70s vintage – that means instead of a cocktail dress it’s the reign of the silky jumpsuit.
Star by Julien Macdonald nods to the 70s with a glossy purple satin jumpsuit and Icy silver rimmed diamantes at the front of its tied halter neckline.
Fabric: 100% polyester Price was £150 Promotional price £90
Available from Debenhams stores and

Accessorise with this peach of a bag from Mango. Hard clutch with a single shoulder chain and clasp fastening.  Price £49.90

Cocktail ring: Garnish your outfit with a blue pear cut cluster ring from QVC’s Diamonique range. Simulated aquamarine framed by 28 round-cut simulated diamonds.  Sterling Silver.
Price £49.02  item number: 696826


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