Saturday, 24 December 2011

Wishing You a Merry Berry Christmas!

Add some festive colour to your make up with the many berry eye shadows available, a great alternative to the faithful neutral browns. They instantly give you a fun and glamorous look and complement   most skin tones and eye colours.
The model is wearing New CID i-shadow quad palette in Blackberry Berry at £21.50. The palette includes a blackberry liner, shimmering berry, matt dusky pink and matt highlighter. Unfortunately not all of us have the perfect eye shape so faithfully copying a look does not always bring the same results.

Here are a few tips:
Deep Set Eyes
The most popular way to apply eye shadow is to always apply the darkest shade in to the crease of the eye, but for deep set eyes this will only make them look more sunken.
Light shade: apply the dusky pink all over the eye from lash line to brow.
Highlighter: don’t be tempted to apply in the usual place i.e. under the brow, as this will just emphasise the already prominent brow. Instead apply in the crease of the eye to draw it forward.
 Dark shade:  Very lightly dust the berry on the outer corners of the prominent brow bone to make this part of the eye recede. Sweep the berry shade under the lower lash for definition.
Liner: Use the blackberry eyeliner shade sparingly and as close as possible to the lash line. If you want to apply a thicker line then lightly dust with the pink to soften the stark colour.

Prominent Eyes
You are the opposite of deep set, and so the most popular usual way to apply eye shadow does work on you.
Light shade: Apply the dusty pink all over the eye from lash to brow.
Highlighter: Apply a little under the eyebrows only.
Dark shade: Dust the berry shade over the eyelid and in to the crease of the eye to help deepen the eyes. Add more of the shade in to the eye crease to create a more dramatic look. Apply under the lower lash
Liner: You can be more generous with your eyeliner depending on what look you want to create. Smudge the line for a smoky softer look.
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L’Occitane has a Limited Edition Petals Eye Quartet in their Pivoine Flora Make-up collection, which have been enriched with softening Peony extract. The four eye shadows include:  pale rose, rose beige, deep pink and berry. Price £22

Close Set eyes
Keep the lighter shades closest to your inside corners to pull the eyes apart.
Pale Rose: Apply to the brow bone and the inside corner of the eye nearest the nose, extending slightly  under the lower lashes and above the upper lashes. This will widen the space between the eyes.
Rose Beige: Apply all over the eye except for the inside corners where the pale rose is working its magic.
Deep Pink: Sweep the dark pink across the outer corners only of the crease, upper lid and just half way under the eyes. This will create the illusion of the eyes being wider apart.
Berry: Apply from the outer corners close to the upper and lower lashes and stop just after the middle. Applying too close to the inside corners will emphasise the shorter space between the eyes. For a more dramatic look, sweep the berry shade in to the eye crease and the base of the upper lash line, but only in the outer area.
Wide Set Eyes
The opposite to close set.
Pale Rose: Apply to the brow bone and lid area furthest away from the nose.
Rose Beige: Apply all over the eye from lash line to brow, but deepen the colour nearest to the inner eye corners with extra layers. This will help draw the eyes closer together.
Deep Pink: Lightly dust over the crease and eyelid but start a little way in from the outer corner.  Don’t sweep upwards and outwards or extend beyond the outer edge of the eye as this will only pull the eyes apart. Apply under lower lash from outer to the inner corner to close the eye in.
Berry: Use as liner, dampen the shadow and apply along the full line of the lower and upper lashes which will close the wide space between the eyes.
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Complete all looks with a neutral or a just a hint of lip colour


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