Friday, 23 December 2011

The Jeep Wrangler Arctic - Is this Santa's new sleigh?

Will Santa be ditching his sleigh and go for the new special series Jeep Wrangler Arctic? Plus will he be delivering the "Never Adapt: The J Challenge " game?

Available soon on the portal,, the game is built on a multimedia platform and inspired by the concept of "breaking conventional boundaries''. It will allow users to test their J factor through all the major social networks by testing their compatibility with the values and ethos of Jeep and everything it stands for.
The game is comprised of five challenges - each of them inspired by one of the core values ​​of the Jeep brand: uniqueness, passion, adventure, freedom and authenticity. Users can start accessing the link and begin to register for the game, thus ensuring the possibility of receiving a notification when the game officially starts. Each user has a personalised page where they can view their status or progress and archive their results achieved during the game.
After completing each of the five challenges, the score will be calculated on the results of the affinity test with the values ​​of Jeep and activities on various social networks. Once users have completed the challenges, they will have a few days to improve their final score.

Dedicated to those who identify with the core values ​​of the American brand, the game will lead you to discover your wilder, more adventurous side, while acknowledging uniqueness. It will be a journey based on passion, a sense of adventure and freedom – all indicative of those who choose the Jeep brand. The content and implementation on the web were created in collaboration with xister.

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