Thursday, 3 February 2011

How to Wear a Novelty T-shirt

This fabulous guide describes how to manage the trend of novelty t-shirts. Whether you like muted or bright colors, the guide shows how to wear the novelty t-shirts beyond just pairing with jeans.

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How To Wear Novelty T Shirts

Now, I'm going to talk about how to wear a novelty t-shirt. We've got one here. Now, we all know that you can wear novelty t-shirts with jeans, I'm just showing you how to dress it up a little bit.

You can put a western shirt, cowboy style check shirt over it, in the same, in a contrasting colour or the same color, whichever you prefer. Have it opened at the top because you don't want to actually conceal the details, because there's no point in wearing a novelty t-shirt if you're going to do that. You may as well wear a plain one.

So, just have it fastened at the bottom so you can see the actual detail in here. Then, you can wear it with jeans, but you may as well, why not put it with a pair of shorts, tailored shorts like this which is quite in style at the moment. Add your thick tights and your boots and then just add some bangles.

You don't want to actually wear a necklace because you've got all this detail in here. So you don't actually want to add anymore because the attention really is on here. This look will suit more the lady with the more muted coloring because the colors are all pale and blend together.

But for the lady who can take or loves colors but can take the colors, we could go for the brighter colours, such as add this novelty t-shirt which is black and hot pink to the shorts and add this bright check blouse. And this is my take on how you guys can wear the novelty t-shirt with style.

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