Friday, 11 February 2011

How to Wear a Slogan T-shirt for your body shape.

This guide gives information on how to stay on trend properly when wearing slogan T shirts. It details how to accessorize and wear this trend for different figure types.

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How To Wear Slogan T Shirts

Now, I'm going to talk to you about how to wear a slogan T shirt. You should always keep a slogan T shirt casual. Where the placement of the slogan is quite important, because you can see this one is high up here, it's just across the bust area.

This is great for the pear shaped because it brings all the detail in here away from the hips. But it's not very good for the larger busted lady. This one here, it's all over the T shirt, and actually it will emphasize a larger tummy.

So if you don't want to emphasize the tummy, don't have one all over. Have it here. It will emphasize your bust, but it will keep your tummy clear.

And now, we're going to dress the T shirts up. As I say, please keep them casual. I have a pair of jeans, they always look good with jeans and simple is best really for a slogan T shirt.

Because it is, it's a more laid back look, so you need to have a more laid back style. If you wanted to jazz it up a little bit, just add maybe a waist coat or you can just wear a jacket. A boyfriend style jacket is a good style to have because it's a looser fitting in keeping with the more relaxed look.

Jewelry - keep to a minimum. You can wear bangles because they're away from the neckline, but you don't want to wear a necklace here because it covers the slogan anyway. So we'll just wear bangles.

Keep your footwear casual as well. In the summer, wear flip flops, or in the winter, wear just chunky boots. And that's how to wear a slogan T shirt. .

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