Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Agne Kuzmickaite SS19 at London Fashion Week

The phenomenon of human self-realisation is the core inspiration of Kuzmickaite's SS19 collection.
As the main feature of personal fulfilment, this concept draws attention to a component of life that is easily and often lost amongst the repetitive cycle of everyday life – where Agne’s collection implements an important reminder of the importance of self-realisation.

The ideal of self-realisation is expressed in the collection through the introduction of bold letters and contrasting texts.

 These new additions, featured this season, break the harmony of the designer’s signature trademark – a symmetrical rhythm of butterflies. The function of the symbolic, familiar butterflies has reformed and expanded, becoming the constructional basis of the collection. Their decorative form has evolved, changing shape to become - a dress, a skirt, the collar of a shirt, or the pattern of a trench coat.

The designer’s signature butterflies are all of a fabulous flutter in this collection right down to the boots.

Photo credit: Redam Photography

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