Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How to choose Flattering Bikinis

Bikinis come in many styles and patterns. Always take into account your body shape when choosing a flattering style for yourself.
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How To Choose Flattering Bikinis

There are all shapes and sizes. If you have a large bust, always go for the under-wired. And the halter neck is quite a good shape for you, very flattering for the cleavage.

We all know that dark colors are slimming such as black, but you don't have to always go for the dark colors. Embrace your curves.

Go for the bright, cheerful patterns. As long as it's under-wired, your bust will have a nice shape so you will look good. If you don't like wearing bikinis because you are conscious of your tummy area, a good option is a tankini.

It covers your actual tummy, gives it a little bit of support and it still counts as a bikini. For the larger women, always go for the high rise bikini bottoms. The reason for this is it covers more of your skin so less flesh is exposed.

If you have a tiny bikini, it will make you look bigger. High rise bikini bottoms will make you look smaller so always choose a high rise bikini bottom. Now, you can go for the high cut.

It always makes your legs look slimmer but high cut, at the moment, is not in fashion so you would really go for the lower cut. You have to be careful with the lower cut because it actually thickens your thighs. It's very good if you're heavier on the top and you've got slim hips because it balances out your proportions.

So if you're what we call an inverted triangle,go for a dark bikini top and bright bikini bottoms. Such is said, the more you can have frills, buckles, actually widens the hips and balances you out. Now, for all those very petite, tiny framed women, you can go for the skimpy bikini.

You look good in the skimpy bikini because what it does, it actually takes the weight from your bust area and it goes to your slim legs, your tiny waist, and your pert bottom. So, a skimpy bikini is really good. If you want to wear something different, you can always wear a bandeau bikini.

That's good for the average size bust, as well. For those who really want to look bigger, go for the liquid filled gel. What it does, it pushes your bust up and so gives you fuller on top and also gives you the cleavage that you may not have.

For the pear shaped figure, I would go for a more detailed top, patterns, frills, or bows, and you always wear a plainer bottom. Now, this has got a little tiny skirt which actually does enhance and hide, camouflages the hips a little bit because of the curves so that's fine. Otherwise, always wear a plain bottom.

This is also a bow connect style which actually gives you a nice fullness on the top so that's quite a flattering one. For the hourglass figures, where your top half and your bottom half are the same and you've got a tiny waist, you can go for the halter neck which is very flattering and also, for the patterned bottoms as well, because you are not trying to camouflage any imperfections. And that is how to choose a flattering bikini.

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