Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Swarovski's Erika & Eliot go travelling

Swarovski's Erika and Eliot apparently were born from a single crystal egg and at birth the fairies gave them the power to bring instant joy and poetry wherever they go. They get a fashion makeover every six months and for their Spring/Summer 2012 look they'll be styled for their latest adventure of travelling around the world.
Erika Bag Charm in France
Erika starts her travels in France and of course Paris will be on the list for shopping! She has bags of charm with this Bag charm and she looks tres chic in her french outfit. 
Eliot pendant in UK
Eliot starts in London UK and decides to try out the Queen's Guards uniform with its scarlet tunis and black bearskin cap.

Erika in Spain
Eliot in Italy
Erika in the Netherlands
Erika in the Russian Federation
Eliot in Austria

Erika in Switzerland
Eliot in Germany

Leaving Eliot in Europe, Erika travels long haul:
Erika Pendant in Brazil

Erika Pendant in China
Erika Pendant in South Korea
Erika Pendant in the USA

Charm bracelet of Erika in Switzerland, USA, France and the UK, plus Eliot in Austria:

Am loving the Erika in China and Eliot skiing in Austria- which ones are your favourites?

Soon to be available on www.swarovski.com

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