Tuesday, 29 November 2011

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Christmas is nearly upon us and the shopping and festive preparations are well underway. It’s a heady mix of stress and excitement, exhaustion and energy bursts, happy and grumpy times.
So somehow and somewhere between these emotions, you need to relax and pamper your body and mind to give you the strength to carry on.
 Maybe you don’t have time (or the money) to book in to a spa, so the next best thing is to create your own home spa. So first up is Temple Spa's Bathing Ritual Set.

Want to feel like Cleopatra and bathe in milk?
Temple Spa’s Bathing Ritual is not exactly milk, plus I’m sure she didn’t really bathe in the sticky stuff. But their Drift Away bath oil does turn the water milky so you can feel like a pampered Egyptian Queen with the added benefit of a more pleasant fragrance.
Ingredients include; Patchouli, geranium, frankincense, dill seed oil, black pepper oil, sesame, jojoba, petit grain, myrrh, galbanum and avocado oil.
Set the mood by lighting the All Quiet aromatic candle and by hanging the Do Not Disturb lavender pillow on the door (this also can be reused as a drawer sachet afterwards)
 All is prepared for the bathing ritual. First relax and enjoy the oils.  When ready arise from your milky bath and exfoliate your damp skin with Prepare to Bare sugar buff. Then relax in the bath again –after all you don’t want to exert yourself.
Step out of the bath and cocoon yourself in a warm towel. Pat dry and apply Duvet firming body cream with its omega oils, Guarani, vitamin E and a blend of ten calming essentials oils.
The packet also includes Repose, a face moisturiser with a relaxing aroma – add to your palms and breathe in the relaxing aroma before applying to cleansed face and neck.
The final stage is the Quietude body comforting mist, spray in the air around you or on your pulse points for a sense of peace and calm.
All products are paraben free. Price £38 and available online:   www.templespa.com/judybull.

Image provided by Temple Spa

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