Tuesday, 13 August 2013

iLoveDesigner Boutique Launches new Collection by Jewellery Brand Saught

iLoveDesigner launches new jewellery collection by Singaporean label– Saught.
 Saught create pieces of jewellery made from discarded weapons and gather materials from a Cambodian landmine. Inspired by watching local people of Laos make cutlery out of war remnants, the co-founders of Saught (Pamela Yeo, Ng Sook Zhen and Adeline Heng) joined forces with non profit organisations to buy scrap metal and train local Cambodian people to turn it into beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Top Left to Right:
Flight Earrings £55.00
 Paying homage to the childhood symbol of the paper plane. Made from 18k gold plated copper brass
 Pursuing Peace Bangle £65.00
The dove represents hope whilst the stalk of wheat is a reminder of humility as the tiniest grain in Cambodia is treasured. This piece was crafted by 27 year old Vanna who is now employed full time by Saught.
Integrity Ring £55.00 –
Made from reclaimed military grade copper brass and 18k gold plated. Hand crafted by 29 year old Mr Lim

Middle Left to Right:
 Pursuing Peace Necklace £55.00 with dove and wheat stalk symbols.
 Flight Necklace £55.00 with 3 paper plane symbols on a simple chain.
 Handcrafted by 25 year old Makara, a trained silversmith and now employed full time by Saught. Pursuing Peace Earrings £45.00 with dove and wheat stalk symbols

Bottom Left to Right:
Integrity Cuff £85.00 with taupe silk ribbon to tie the cuff.
Integrity Earrings £45.00
The Integrity pattern was inspired by the triangle where each side supports the other two to create a strong structure and so representing the strength of the Cambodian people.


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