Friday, 16 August 2013

Swatch launches AW13 Collection - Les Annees Folles brings 1920s glamour

Swatch 2nd AW13 collection is Les Annees Folles:
Inspired by the glamorous Art Deco 20s era

The Cuivre De Lume is the epitome of Art Deco glamour with its elegant golden design features on classic white Price £70

Top right is the simply stylish black 1920 watch £32

Faux Tortoise shell was popular in Art Deco designs  and so Swatch emulates this pattern. On the left is the bracelet style watch Manouria (named after the large Asian tortoise) £54

In the middle the shapely Testudo watch at £44.50
Named after a genus of tortoise but also Testudo describes the actual shape of the bracelet - similar to the  ancient Romans testudo formation as they raised their shields above their heads for protection in an overlapping screen.

On the right the larger Ecaille (french for tortoisehell)  £44.50

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