Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Don't Shop - Just Closet Swap on Facebook.

Closet Swap, the new Facebook and iPhone app from Channel 4 will encourage you to stop shopping and start swapping

It's easy:
1, Join Closet Swap on Facebook
2. Sort out the clothes you want to share
2. Upload pictures of them or tag existing Facebook photos to build an online closet.
3. Invite your friends to join - then go to your friend's closet to choose what to borrow.
4. Borrow, lend and swap - massively increasing the size and variety of their wardrobes without buying a thing.!
Users can also send a ‘Fashion SOS’ from their iPhone or iPod to their Facebook wall to ask
if anyone they know has the perfect outfit to lend for a date or girls night out and they can show off their best pieces for when the time comes to return the favour.
To reward the goodwill, users are awarded kudos and higher rankings on leader boards the more they
Closet Swap is available now at . Check out for more details.

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