Thursday, 25 July 2013

Online boutique iLoveDesigner x Jewellery Brand Outhouse = PUNK TONIC Collection

Luxury online boutique, iLoveDesigner, has joined forces with Indian jewellery brand Outhouse, who are famed for their statement pieces, to develop the opulent PUNK TONIC collection.
Available exclusively on
The PUNK TONIC collection encourages fashion lovers to channel their rebellious sides this A/W with 16 pieces perfect for embracing your inner-punk!

From left to right, top to bottom:
The Glamorous Death Necklace £405
The Star Gazer Ear Cuffs £210
The Spider Web Earrings £170
The Black Sheep Necklace £270
The Love Kills Necklace £299
The Outlaw Ear Cuffs £180
The Dazzle Earrings £155
The Bomb Necklace £285
The Heart Breaker Necklace £265

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