Saturday, 21 March 2015

Soft & Gentle new SkinScience Range

I was off to a flying start at the Soft & Gentle Skin Science press day!

Here they announced the launch of their new Skin Science range for 2015. The range includes three new formulations: one offering ultra effective protection, the 2nd natural protection and the third hair minimising protection!

The advanced Skin Science range is available in a 75ml compressed version providing a more environmentally responsible option (reduces amounts of gas propellant) whilst not compromising on protection levels. The compressed version lasts just as long as the original 150ml.

Which one to choose?
The Ultra Protect is perfect for people on the go and those looking for a higher level of protection. Soft & Gentle set the scene of a fitness centre changing room plus a punch bag! Definitely a scenario people may need 72 hour protection from their anti-perspirant.

With advanced 72hr protection Ultra Protect contains a unique skin synergy complex that offers skin kind protections when you need it most - it helps prevent irritation and promises reliable sweat protection. Also is anti staining.
Here I am working up a sweat with the punch bag - Ultra Protect may last 72hrs but I don't think I will.

Really Pure is for those looking for a more natural alternative, allowing your skin the freedom to breathe. Soft & Gentle created a fun Alice in Wonderland garden scene to show the freshness and freedom on this deodorant. Free from allergens, alcohol and aluminium chlorohydrate and replacing with a potassium alum, a natural mineral which works as a pH adjuster to prevent odour causing bacteria from growing. Also enriched with oat oil, it is extra kind to your skin and suitable for sensitive skins.

This is a deodorant so will not stop you from sweating (you need the aluminium chlorohydrate for that) but the potassium alum will stop the odour and lasts for 48hrs. Also is anti-white mark. Who could resist lounging on the grassy sofa? I couldn't even with a pink flamingo on my head!

Visibly Smooth offers hair minimising protection so underarms can stay smoother for longer. This time the was a bedroom/boudoir scene with Alice In Wonderland style perfume bottles.

The anti perspirant  contains Kelisoft, an ingredient to reduce the speed of growth and thickness of hair. the result should be visibly smoother underarms in just eight weeks! This means less frequent shaving.  

 Available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco & Asda. Price £2.09 but Boots have an introductory offer of £1.09

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