Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New Jewellery Designer- Katherine Wardropper

In 2007, Katherine Wardropper won the “Most on Trend Product” at the Pulse Design Awards. This prestigious award recognises designers who display excellence in product design and innovation.
Her style is definitely innovative as she carefully hand-constructs 3-D patterns using a developed “Sculptural Fabric Technique”. The result is corrugated loops of fabric placed together and decorated with beads and crystals. These designs are then used to create unique and timeless sculptural pieces for high-end fashion jewellery and interior designs.
Jewellery consists of delicate brooches, neckpieces, earrings, hairpieces and belts.
At September’s pop-up showcase hosted by micro-boutique hotel 40WiNKS, Katherine was one of six designers exhibiting their collections. This eclectic and chic location was a perfect backdrop for her larger than life statement jewellery pieces. Each piece conjured up their own fantasy image of swirling wedding cakes, Victorian lace, bejewelled snowflakes or elizabethan ruffles.
Katherine worked at the English Eccentrics studio from early 2006 as a guest designer where she collaborated with them in creating and developing fabric sculpture pieces for their “Fairy Tale of London” A/W 06 collection. Below is the quill necklace designed for that collection. The design represent snowflakes from Hans Christian Andersen’s Ice Queen. Materials used are satin polyester , beads and crystals. Other pieces created for the collection were brooches, belt and hair accessoriesin a palette of red, white or black.
In addition to these larger than life statement pieces Katherine has developed a 'Diffused Range' catering for the commercial market – These can be bought from places such as Kabiri at Selfridges Oxford St and the National Gallery Trafalgar Square. She also offers a commission based service producing bespoke or limited edition pieces specifically hand-crafted to suite the client's needs and specifications. Prices range from £200-£2000 upwards depending on materials, size and creativity. All pieces are created in her London Studio. For more stockists and details on her bespoke service visit www.katherinewardropper.com
From her design pieces, Katherine creates wall hangings and decorative touches to furniture such as mirrors, cushions, tables and chairs. She can also create bespoke set pieces for theatre and window displays. Cream, white or light coloured designs are a great way to create a fairytale and fantasy wonderland for weddings. Katherine advises: “Using different colours really changes the illusion of my work. My wall hangings of sugar pink and baby blue satins conjure images of the Mad Hatters tea parties treats and sweets”. For a more dramatic look, change the colour to a darker hue or stark black – great for themed parties.
Katherine states: “Due to the technique, it is a constantly developing organic process therefore I am always open to new ways of incorporating my technique in collaboration with other designers and artists. “. And her most current collaboration is working with award winning costume designer Sandy Powell on the Shakespearean film “The Tempest” starring Helen Mirren. - Now that is “such stuff as dreams are made on”!

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