Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ormond Jayne - 24 carat gold dusting powder

Christmas festivities will be upon us before you can say “Bah Humbug” and you’ll have to start thinking of what to wear. But don’t forget fragrances play a big part in making you feel glamorous and special so why not treat yourself to :

Most of us have watched James Bond “Goldfinger” and remember the scene where Goldfinger’s secretary is covered with gold paint. Well you may not want to go that far to dazzle everyone at the Christmas festivities but a little light dusting of real 24 carat gold powder over your décolleté and shoulders will ensure you catch their eye as you shimmer and sparkle with style.

Gold Dust is packaged in an elegant black lacquered handmade gold box which contains a very fluffy and feminine champagne coloured marabou feather trim powder puff. The subtle but exotic fragrance is of the rare Ta’if Rose, a damask rose from the plantations of Ta’if, a town rising 5,000ft above the shores of the Red Sea. It takes 10,000 rose petals to make just 10ml of Ta’if Rose oil, and they are harvested only during April.

The retail price of £400 for 15ml is not to be sneezed at (definitely don’t sneeze!) and is exclusive to Harrods.

If you are on Santa’s nice list, he may bring a box down your chimney on Christmas Eve. But if you’re on the naughty list- then you may get them earlier!!!

Cheaper alternatives on Amazon are:

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