Friday, 28 January 2011

How To Choose A Long Sleeve Dress (Skirts & Dresses)

;How To Choose A Long Sleeve Dress (Skirts & Dresses)
A long sleeved dress gives a woman a sense of elegance, so personal shopper Karen Grace explains the different shapes and styles of long sleeves and which you should wear to give your image the perfect balance.
Now, I'm going to talk about how to choose a long sleeved dress. A long sleeved dress is great for the winter months for warmth, but also if you don't like showing your arms, it's great for that. Like, you can, you don't have to wear a thick sleeve.
You can have diaphanous sleeves, such as this one, which still gives you the coverage that women like over their arms. So, choosing something like that is great if you don't want a thicker sleeve. Also, the type of sleeve adds interest to a plain dress.
This is a bishop's sleeve which is fuller at the bottom, and this one is a, also a bishop's sleeve; it's just a bit wider. It's good for the larger busted lady and also for the inverted triangle because it brings more attention down to the bottom of the arms, where the fullness is. The inverted triangle is the lady with the broad shoulders and the slimmer hips so these are ideal for them.
There's also the wide, the bell-shape, the wide bell-shape here, which is again great for the larger busted lady and the inverted triangle because it draws the attention away from the shoulders. This is what we call the leg-of-mutton sleeve, where there's more detail is up at the top of the shoulder, and it tapers down to the bottom. Now, this isn't good for the inverted triangle because it actually broadens the shoulders.
It's good for the pear-shaped woman where the hips are wider, and so it balances the shoulders out. Also, detailing on the sleeve, such as this one, it can be anything, it could be lace, it could be just a different color than the rest of dress, actually draws away from the bust and the tummy area, so if you want to conceal your tummy, or if you're concerned about your bust, try to get a sleeve that is contrasted with a higher contrast with the rest of the dress. And that's how to choose a long sleeved dress.

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