Friday, 6 July 2012

Clements Ribeiro Limited Edition Shoppers – The Brazil Bag Project

Husband and Wife duo, Suzanne and Inacio of Clements Ribeiro launched The Brazil Bag Project – a limited edition collection of stripy shopper bags.

Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro regularly visit Brazil – it is Inacio ‘s place of birth and where his family is still currently based. Last Easter they returned from their annual visit with some lovely black, blue and white stripy shoppers which they have customized and developed a limited edition collection of  unique shopper bags. The bags are hand-woven from tear resistant plastic fiber,  and have been decorated with the duo’s signature embellishments.

The Brazil Bag project is exclusive to the Clements Ribeiro website shop

Left to right:
Recife Price £75 – One off design made to order. Hand embroidered with black jet and glass beads in  exclusive circle motifs in varying shapes. Trimmed with black grosgrain ribbon. Unlined
Flores – price £65 - One off design made to order, Hand embroidered with yellow, rust and white sequins and beads in exclusive flower motifs
Buzios – Price £65 –Edition of  2.  Hand embroidered with violet, yellow and white sequin trims mounted on silk organza tape and white grosgrain ribbon . Plus hand embroidered yellow sequin and beaded diamond shaped motif
Evil Eyes – Price £65 – edition of 3. Black, white and blue irregular stripes. trimmed in black grosgrain ribbon and hand embroidered with black jet and glass beads to create exclusive eye shaped motifs

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