Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Feet Fatigue - Debenhams reveals a woman’s dance floor expiry time

Women’s feet start to hurt 2 hours and 47 minutes into a night out according to research released by high street retailer Debenhams.

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With the festive celebrations well under way, the 200 year old department store quizzed its customers on their partying habits and found 11:47pm (Timing based from 9pm ) to be the time a lady’s feet started to feel the effects of being on the dance floor during a night out.
 The survey of 2,000 customers also unveiled women’s secrets on how to always be the last one standing during the Christmas party season.
When asked how to overcome ‘feet fatigue’ an impressive 67% of women claimed that having ‘back up flats’ in your handbag were key to a comfortable night.

Over half (58%) of heel loving fashionistas felt that ‘cushioning up’ and following the footsteps of style icon Victoria Beckham by using gel pads in the insides of their shoes paved the way for many more comfortable hours on the dance floor.
‘Seasoning’ closes the top three at 40%, the term refers to taking their new purchases on a regular test drive. For example spending the evening strutting around your front room in a pair of heels and pyjamas is key.

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 The ‘thick heel’ policy took fourth place with 34% agreeing that the thicker the heel the better. As well as it being kinder on the foot, it also allows customers to channel their inner style guru by staying on trend.
 Preparing and pampering those well-deserved feet, pre and post party, followed closely behind with 30% of customers agreeing.

 However if all else fails 29% of customers have no qualms about kicking their shoes off and dancing the night away. It is Christmas after all.

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