Saturday, 5 October 2013

New Sculpture DUNAMIS by Bushra Fakhoury unveiled in Park Lane today

British sculptor Bushra Fakhoury unveiled her new sculpture titled ‘Dunamis’ alongside supporting charity Tusk’s Honorary Vice President Sir Timothy Ackroyd Bt. Bushra will donate 10% of the sale cost to the charity Tusk Trust who initiate and fund conservation, community development and environmental programmes across Africa.

Standing 9 metres high, the sculpture of a strong carnival man balancing an elephant with one hand stands on the grassy island in the middle of Park Lane (at the bottom near the Hilton hotel)

“Holding the elephant in a high position gives homage to the traits that we share and gradually forget, such as family, solidarity, compassion and cooperation. We may not have the extraordinary memory of the elephant, but we need to remember to prioritize, work positively, and relentlessly towards reaching our goals, and dreams.” says Bushra Fakhoury of DUNAMIS
“My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Westminster City Council for the opportunity to participate in the “City of Sculpture”. Bushra Fakhoury
Bushra Fakhoury

About Bushra Fakhoury
Bushra started sculpting at the age of 7 at a convent where she was taught to use marzipan to create flowers and animals. Travels to exotic countries such as Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Kenya and Lebanon have had a great influence on her work. Bushra commenced her studies at the American University of Beirut and has lived in London for 40 years, having undertaken her PhD at The University of London.
Of her work, Bushra says: “My themes and inspirations are mostly based on myths, fables, folklore, carnivals, parades, dreams and by observing, and studying people in their daily activities.”
She has exhibited at several galleries in London such as Catto Gallery, Sheridan Russell Gallery, Sotherby Exhibition ('Basilisk' and 'Look out'), Wisley, Royal West of England Academy and Chelsea Arts Society amongst many others.

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  1. Just seeing this marvelous sculpture brightens my day,and brings back memories of seeing it during my trips to London.



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