Monday, 21 October 2013

Glamming up the Long Sleeved Dress for a Night Out

To change the long sleeve dress from day wear  to a night out is quite easy. All you need are some accessories and a pair of heels.

Mixing patterns and textures can add interest to an outfit.
The dress is of a soft fabric so here I've teamed with a thicker and more structured biker jacket for an edgier look, and a  pair of suede ankle boots to balance the broader shoulders of the jacket.

Only the collar of the jacket is in the classic black (faux) leather, the rest is a wool mix with a navy and black Aztec pattern. This pattern doesn't clash with the dress because it is muted and allows the bolder print of the dress to be dominant.

To inject a pop of colour and more layers I've teamed with a purple fringed scarf.  The purple brightens up the neutral palette of the outfit whilst enhancing  my own colouring.

When wearing a colour close to your face it is important to choose not only the right colour but also the right shade. Being pale with fair hair I cannot wear bright bold and deep colours. This shade of purple is the deepest and brightest I can go without draining my complexion.

The scarf also has a pattern, a very subtle polka dot in dark purple. Wearing three patterns can be daunting, but as  long as they are not all competing for attention  you can create an eclectic touch to your stylish look.

Hopefully I won't be keeping my jacket and scarf on all night so what to wear underneath?

The low V neckline on this dress is the perfect frame for a statement necklace.
Here I've gone for a chunky black and silver design, keeping the monochrome look. OK the dress is actually navy but it is so dark that you can get away with black accessories which are easier to come by than navy itself.

For the night out, I've swapped my thick day tights for a sheerer pair and I've chosen black suede ankle boots for an edgier look.

Loving this outfit and how easy it was to put together, it has seen many an evening.

Above I am with the gorgeous Honor Blackman at an evening  press event and to the right with the lovely Peter Braithwaite of Amore at another.

This time, instead of wearing one large chunky necklace  I've opted for two necklaces creating a layered effect. One is a black beaded multiple layered necklace. Hidden amongst the layers is a pendant of a shoe on a thin chain.

This is better for those of you with a small bone structure as a chunky necklace can look too heavy and overpowering for your frame.

Layering necklaces or choosing a necklace with multiple strings like the one I'm wearing, will  still create a statement 

And here is an image just to remind you what the dress looks like on its own.
Details are:

M&S Collection pleated front abstract print dress with ¾ length sleeves.
Colour:dark navy and beige.
Fabric: 92% polyester with  8% elastane for that perfect fit.
Price: £39.50
Direct link to dress
To check out the full range of M&S dresses click on:


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