Friday, 11 October 2013

The M&S Long Sleeved Dress - Perfect for AW13

We’re truly into Autumn now as the cold weather sets in. So it’s time to pack away our little summer frocks and start unpacking (or buying) warmer long sleeved equivalents.

 In the summer we love to show off our tanned arms in sleeveless dresses, but in the colder months when the tan starts to fade so does our confidence as we become self conscious of our not so toned upper arms.

 Long sleeved dresses bring back that confidence and keep us warm without hiding under bulky knitwear.

However sometimes it is hard to find a sleeved dress but M&S have come to the rescue and increased their range of sleeved dresses by 80% this season.

And now it’s which one to choose from the wide selection of choices? Decisions, decisions!

Finally I chose the M&S Collection abstract print dress with ¾ length sleeves. The colour is navy and beige, but the navy is so dark it would also go well with a black jacket or cardigan.

The fabric is 92% polyester with  8% elastane for that perfect fit.
The price is a steal at £39.50
I love the length of the sleeves as any bracelets or watches are still proudly on display whilst arms are kept warm and covered.

This dress also has front pleats which are great for camouflaging the tummy area.
And the abstract print is good for hiding any lumps and bumps.

The length of the sleeve is important as the eye is drawn to where the sleeve finishes. 
Short sleeves will bring attention to the bust area, elbow length the waist and 3/4 to the hips.
So keep this in mind when choosing your sleeved dress.

To see the full range of M&S dresses click on:

Watch out for future posts to show how I wear my new long sleeved dress for different occasions

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