Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Danish brand Skagen launches new stand alone stores in London

Danish brand Skagen has opened two new stand alone stores in London – one in Westfield White City and the other in Westfield Stratford.

 Providing an insight to the Danish lifestyle the brand stocks products from watches and jewellery to leather bags and accessories. With a glass front, the brand goes for stylish minimalism but defnintely not plain.

 Inspired by the wide open seas that border the seaside village of Skagen, their Klassik watch collection introduces the new women’s leather watch with bright turquoise or coral leather strap as well as the more neutral sand and light grey straps. http://www.skagenwatch.co.uk/store/SkagenUK/en_GB/shop/womens/womens_watches.html#N=cas_f4_ntk_cs%3AKlassik&Nf=p_min_price|BTWN+0+259

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