Friday, 23 July 2010

New TKMaxx Flagship Store at Charing Cross Road, London

TKMaxx's new flagship store has opened at 120 Charing Cross Road, London.

The VIP preview night saw the staff dancing away on small podiums whilst modelling the clothes. Some near the windows had the passer bys looking bewildered or amused as they watched the dancing from the outside.

Champagne flowed as we were allowed to roam around and try the new stock. The first floor was the womenswear (handy for the champagne and canopies)
New fashion department Mod Box took a third of the space with their hot trend of the month “Varsity”.

Gold Label (expensive designer gear even with the TKMaxx discount) took a double rail. Saw a fantastic Jill Sander black jacket, but alas had to put it back when I saw the bargain price of £299.

The first floor was dedicated to shoes, handbags, lingerie, beauty products and kiddies wear. To get over the shock of picking up a £450 Mui Mui handbag (why am I attracted to the most expensive??), I sat down whilst the pamper girls gave me a mini manicure and make-up.

Feeling refreshed and with a new glass of champagne I climbed up to the top floor to find the men's section ranging from shoes, accessories,sports tees to smart suits.

Finally surfacing from all the rummaging around, I spied a few celebrities - Julie Peasgood (a regular on the Alan Titchmarsh show) in the beauty section and Zandra Rhodes queueing at the till point.

Written by Karen Grace, personal shopper for

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