Thursday, 16 September 2010

New Melvita Organic and Sulphate Free Hair Care Products

Melvita, the French organic beauty brand, have formulated a new range of sulphate free hair care products. With ten new shampoos and three conditioners to choose from, you are sure to find the one just right for your hair type.
You’ll be forgiven if you have not heard of this brand before because they only came to our shores this year.
 History of Melvita
Biologist Bernard Chevilliat founded the brand in 1983 when he started creating a cosmetic range based on products from the beehive.  He’d become fascinated by bees and the vital role they played in the eco system, and so took up beekeeping professionally. Using his knowledge of biology and his love of beekeeping, he was able to develop personal care products as close to nature as possible
He chose the name from the Latin word Mel meaning honey and Vita meaning life. 
In 2002 Melvita was one of the first companies to obtain the ecological and organic ECOCERT certification

Back to the new sulphate free hair care products.
 You may ask why so many different shampoos? Melvita believe that it is the shampoo which is the foundation for healthy hair so it is important to choose the right one for your hair type. Therefore they decided to develop individual shampoos to target all hair types.  
For hair that is dull, coarse, brittle or prone to breakage and split ends, they have two shampoos: one for dry hair and one for very dry hair.
For hair that has been chemically treated or coloured, has styling damage, breaks easily or lacks shine and vitality, they recommend two shampoos: one for tired hair and one especially for blonde hair.
Other shampoos include normal, oily, anti-dandruff and frequent wash shampoo

Once the right shampoo has been chosen and used, it’s the turn of the conditioner.
Silicone-based conditioners coat the hair shaft and only give the illusion of health, so Melvita’s three conditioners are not only sulphate free, but they are also silicone-free to actually complement and further enhance the results of the shampoos by adding extra moisture and nourishment.
Initially, the comb doesn’t glide through wet hair as smoothly as when using silicone based conditioners, but this is a small price to pay for healthier hair.

And why sulphate free?
 Apparently most shampoos contain sulphate to help the shampoo lather up but there are queries as to whether it is actually good for the hair. So without compromising on quality and effectiveness, Melvita decided to forego the sulphate and instead use an abundance of alternative natural ingredients to gently care for your hair and scalp. Admittedly the shampoos do not lather up well on the first application but by the second application the lather is fine.

Soon to come
Other hair care products to look forward to will be hair treatment masks and a detangling spray.
And still in the early stages so not yet confirmed but we can hope and cross our fingers for is a hairspray

Where to buy
At the moment, the Melvita range can be purchased at Whole Food Stores, selected John Lewis stores and online from and But as from November you’ll be able to leisurely browse through all the range in the first UK Melvita dedicated store. The location will be in our vibrant and historic Covent Garden, but the decor will be all Parisian vintage chic – the best of both worlds.

Other Melvita products on Amazon .com
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