Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ana Gutierrez Ethical Jewellery

Ana Gutierrez spent most of her childhood in Limon, the Atlantic province of Costa Rica and she has taken inspiration for her jewellery from its tropical forests and beaches. All her pieces are handmade with unusually cut stones, so each piece will differ slightly from another of the same design.  The silver used is recycled from x-rays.

Multiple strings of pearls form the basis of necklaces and bracelets whilst semi precious stones in soft hues delicately add a touch of colour and relax the formal look pearls can often portray.
These pieces don’t cry out for attention, just bring a sophisticated and quiet glamour to your outfit.
Loving the bracelet with its splash of red coral..


Pearls and sterling silver mix brings a youthful look in this elegant collection. The silver is fashioned in the shape of the petals with the pearl in the middle.

This necklace is made of with semiprecious natural stones – genuine pink pearls, white pearls and pale green amethyst


Tamarindo is a town located on the North Pacific cost of Costa Rica where the main attractions are surfing and eco- tourism (watching the Leatherback Turtle during their nesting season).

Ana has abandoned the delicate pearl for the stronger semi precious stones and chooses warmer and earth toned colours . This choker gives a muted colour blend of pale purple and green with amethysts and citrine

Whist this Golden Rain necklace gives a brighter contrast of colours and textures with its precious woods, amethysts, golden citrine and clear quartz mix.

A larger variety of colours and contrast to suit everyone's taste.

These Blue Jungle earrings uses vivid colours of turquoise, blue topaz and onyx

Whilst Midday Sun earrings  goes for the hazy colours of  the yellow speckled jasper matched with the clear quartz.

And the Moon Shadow earrings goes almost colourless with agate druzy twinkling like stars matched with clear and grey quartz

The Pink Sea earrings  goes for the delicate pearlised conch , amethyst and quartz setting.

And the Sea Dune Earrings mixes turquoise and quartz for the sea and the sand.

Star Over the Moon ring has the soft monochrome colours of a moonlit night with twinkling white agate druzy, white pearl and quartz.

Whilst the Chain ring shows a strong colour contrast of a solid warm rust agate druzy with the cool sterling silver.

And the Agata Drussie ring - the agate druzy here is sparkling with cirlces of very tiny quartz crystals, complemented with the clear golden citrine.

Can't wait for her latest collection 'Pandora' - not  inspired by the mythical tale of Pandora's Box but by James Cameron ideal world of Pandora in Avator.

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