Sunday, 19 December 2010

IMI Swarovski Crystal handbags - the luxury accessory

You've decided to go for the classic little black dress for the festivities but to make sure the cool sohisticated look you're going for doesn't turn out safe and boring, add sparkle with your accessories:
The handbag.
IMI create luxury handbags using Swarovski crystals and designs ranging from simple and elegant to fun and frivolous - so you're sure to find one to match your mood.:
 Bring out the feline in you with this 'Cheetah' design. (£720). You'll have them purring at your feet.
Or give a subtle warning you're a wolf under all that cashmere clothing .(£600)
Show your less threatening graceful side with this 'Zebratastic' style. The touch of gold ensures you'll stand out from the herd.(£750)
or go for cute and lovable with this 'Badger' bag (£600).
What's for dessert? Enjoy a slice of the high life, get fresh and a  bit fruity with 'Watermelon'. (£650)
Keep your intentions close to your chest with 'Poker Face' (£720). Remember Ace is high.
Or declare your love for all to read with 'Love Struck' (£600)
Show your love of 'Football' (or footballers) - by the end of the night you may have scored. (£600)

Keep your contents and secrets wrapped up beautifully in this 'Precious' gift clutch (£650)
Choose one of IMI's signature bags - keep them guessing and bring out the cool Snow Queen in you with the  silver 'Majestic'.(£600)
Or dazzle them with your warmth in gold 'Shimmer' (£650)
And remember, if you're going to be a drop in the ocean of party revellers make sure you're a 'Gold Drop' (£400). For more details and designs check out their website

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