Tuesday, 10 May 2011

How to choose one piece swimwear for your body shape.

Karen from Frumpy to Funky, an image consultancy firm, gives helpful tips on how to choose a one piece swimsuit for several different body types.

Beach Style:
How To Choose One Piece Swimwear
Now, I'm going to talk to you about how to choose a one piece swimwear. It gives more coverage than a bikini and it can flatter your assets and it can camouflage your imperfections. So, you do need to get it right.

Take for instance this bandeau swimsuit. It's great for the pear shape because it brings all the attention to the top. But it's not good for the inverted triangle, which is when you have broad shoulders or a larger bust and slim hips, because it broadens the shoulders and brings all the detail attention here. But for pear shapes, it's a great style.

Now for the larger busted lady, you really do need to have underwired cups because it supports the bust and it gives a better shape. Lots of Lycra as well, if you have a tummy that you want to hold in, if you get a swimsuit, one piece, with lots of Lycra, that gives you more of a waist as well. This one has an integrated bra which is excellent for the larger busted lady, it gives extra support and also it has a high back for extra support. If you have a low back and it's still underwired, it will still give you some support but you can be prone to actually fall out of the underwired cup. The straps here are thicker again giving more support and it's good for the broad shouldered lady because it actually breaks the shoulder up and makes them look smaller.

Now, if you have a skinny or a boyish frame, wearing patterns is good because it adds bulk. If you don't want to wear patterned or you don't want to wear an underwire, have more attention where you want the emphasis. This is here around the bust area so we actually create a fuller bust. You can also have it down here if you want to have more attention on the hips. So, wherever you want to have the attention, have the frills and bows.

And if you're a serious swimmer, then this one piece suit's excellent. It's more streamlined silhouette, it's good for less drag in the water for the serious swimmers and also, it has the all important racer-back which keeps the straps in place so they're not going to be falling off you while you're active in the water.

And that's how you choose a one piece swimwear

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