Thursday, 5 May 2011

How to wear a Bandeau Bikini

If you think that bandeau bikinis are not for everyone, you might change your mind with these tips that allow your small, medium or large sized body to wear this bikini style.

Beach Style:
How To Wear Bandeau Bikinis

A bandeau bikini is a strip of fabric that goes around your bust. It doesn't really have straps for support. This one does have a strap but it doesn't really give much support.

So if you're larger busted, you still can wear a bandeau bikini but make sure it's underwired to give that extra support. Now, when you buy a bandeau bikini, always choose a size smaller because there's no support, you don't actually want it to fall down. So, make sure it's a bit tight but not too tight that any rolls of fats are showing under the arms.

Now, when you do have a bandeau bikini with a smaller bust, make sure that it ruches in the middle. This one does. So, pull it tightly and the pleats here actually give more form to the bust.

If it doesn't have a ruche, what you can do is ruche it up yourself with something like a brooche or a ribbon. So, that's what you can do to ruche it and it also brings the attention there as well.

It's a gorgeous style so you don't actually want to cover it. So, forget about kaftans. For this, wear a little skirt.Now, this is quite good for pear-shaped who are a lot wider at the hips and smaller at the top. Because it's plain, it brings all the attention to your bandeau at the top and also because it's a skirt, it actually flares out more so it actually covers the hips and gives a nice shape.
If you're not as pear-shaped, if you're, say, slimmer on the bottom and larger at the top, you can wear some boy shorts that bring more attention here because it makes your legs a little bit thicker because they're low cut.

Also, if you do want to actually wear something on top, wear something open so it can actually show, something like this with a tie, so you can still see the bandeau. You just have enough cover like that. Or you could go quite bohemian and have a waist coat, something like this, which will actually give you a longer coverage..

For the larger lady, you can still have something like that and also the vertical lines down the front actually make you look slimmer because it draws the eye downwards and it creates the illusion of a slimmer waist.  Then just add your accessories, some flip flops, sunglasses, some retro ones in keeping with your bohemian look, a little pockete handbag for your mobile because you always need your mobile even on the beach and a sunhat.
And that's how to wear a bandeau bikini. .

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