Sunday, 3 July 2011

Belen Echandia -The Semi-Bespoke handbag

Have you ever seen a handbag that you thought would be perfect if it were in a different colour or had more/less embellishments? Alas, we usually have to compromise unless we have a Fairy Godmother who can wave her magic wand and make our wish come true.
Good news is some companies are now offering a semi bespoke service and even better news is that this service doesn’t cost the earth.
So who needs a fairy godmother when you can use a bespoke service?

Clutch Me bag in pink
Belen Echandia is the only luxury Italian-made handbag company to offer an online customisation service on its entire handbag collection. You can choose the leather, colour, lining, hardware and other extras to create your dream bag.
Step 1 – choose a style from the collection
Step 2 – choose features such as straps, tags, tassels/zips
Step 3 – choose the leather and colour
Step 4 – choose the hardware such gold, silver, brass or gunmetal
Step 5 – choose lining colour
Step 6 – choose the extras such as extra internal pockets, BE stamp or hole motif, personalised tags etc.

Love Me Midi bag in turquoise
All their handbags are handcrafted in a family-run Italian atelier that uses the traditional techniques. And most feature extra details like multi-way leather straps, key holders, removable compartments and hidden pockets to help you stay organized.
LA Tote bag in mottled gold
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