Saturday, 2 July 2011

Royal Ascot Fashion Show 2011-Stephen Jones

The Royal Ascot Fashion Show would not be complete without a display of headwear and Stephen Jones, the official milliner for Royal Ascot in its tercentary year doesn’t disappoint.

The show featured a mixture of his SS11 and AW10 collection.
Spirits Drifting
 SS11 titled ‘‘Drifting and Dreaming’ was partly inspired by the work of mid century British (from Derby) painter Marion Adams.  Above is his hat named Spirits Drifting. (yellow blouse by Jasper Conran)

Whilst creating this collection he thought of the composition of a painting:
The background – ambient hats, a wash of shade
The midground – driftwood, flowers
The foreground –surrealism, scrollwork

Aftermath - Loosely tied large bow on a skull cap with diamante horns. Named after Adnams 1946 most famous painting titled ‘Aftermath’ with horned animal skull and large ribbon. The painting sold at Christies in 2006 for £2,200.  Pale blue dress by Issa

the Distraught Infanta
The Distraught Infanta. Named after and replicating the loose curved folds in Adnams 1944 painting of woman made of curved folded paper.  Jones’ uses hard metal decorated with tiny little stars. The metal reflects colour from the bright red dress by Issa.

Little Fishes
Little Fishes – teamed here with yellow dress by Jasper Conran

The Water is Wide
The Water is Wide in white leather. Yellow and white dress by Jasper Conran

Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter showing a fantastic profile. Blouse by Kinder Aggugini

High Fashion Log for Girls

High Fashion Log for Girls – High attire by Kinder

New Horizons

New Horizons – worn here with blue dress by Issa

Now don't put your foot in it, but have you ever wondered where Cinderella left her shoe? Look no further than Jones’ Cinders hat.  Blue dress by Issa 

Pleats’r’us – attire by Vivienne Westwood

The Living Tree
The Living Tree – attire by Vivienne Westwood

Friend or Foe
Friend or Foe – attire by Vivienne Westwood

Jones’ AW10 collection is titled ‘XYZ’. X is for X-Ray, Y is for Yesteryear and Z is for Zombie.

Social X-Ray

 Social X-Ray- a definite X . Attire by Vivienne Westwood

Triple Vision
No you don't need your eyes testing, this hat is Triple Vision – Attire by Vivienne Westwood

Bang – Attire by Vivienne Westwood

His ‘Miss Jones’ range, an accessible range of hats both in style and price, also makes an appearance. All from his SS11 collection

Position – Attire by Kinder Aggugini with his African theme

Arrangement – Attire by Kinder

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