Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Elizabeth Taylors Jewellery - Emulate the look with QVC Diamonique Range

Elizabeth Taylor: Auction of a Lifetime documentary viewed on  Channel 4 this evening and showed Taylor's love affair with jewellery. She assembled over 300 pieces throughout her life, mostly gifts from her husbands. These pieces she cherished as they reminded her of happy memories and milestones in her life.
Unfortunately we won't be able to afford anything as priceless but we can emulate the look with  QVC's Diamonique range:

The Taylor Burton necklace

QVC's Diamonique 0.5ct tw Pear Drop Pendant chain Sterling Silver, item nbr 601745. Price £29.26

The Krupps Elizabeth ring

Get a similar look at a fraction of the price with QVC's Diamonique  by Tova 1.8ct Emerald Cluster ring in Sterling Silver item nbr 691197 Price £49.50

Emerald earrings, Part of the Emerald pieces,  gifted from Burton.

QVC Diamonique 4.4ct tw Pear Cut Cluster Drop earrings Sterling Silver. Item nbr 601463 Price £37.25

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Direct orders: 0800 50 40 30

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