Saturday, 2 June 2012

The British Charm (Bracelet) By Chamilia, Trollbeads & Swarovski

Whether you think we Brits are charming or not you're going to love these charm bracelets depicting all things British:

Here’s how the American jewellery brand Chamilia see the British charm - CUTE!
The beauty of the charm bracelet is that you get to choose the charms you want to add. Here's a few very cute British charms:

The teacup - we are famous for drinking tea so what better than a Union Jack tea cup and saucer!

The Bobby helmet - that's police to you if you haven't heard of the expression before. This helmet is the traditional headgear for  'Bobbies on the Beat' i.e. walking on foot. Police were called 'Bobbies' after Robert Peel (Prime Minister) who set up the first organised London police force in 1829.

The Palace Guard in his striking scarlet jacket .

The Piccadilly bus - the traditional red double decker bus, a tourist attraction which we all love. Let's face it, who doesn't like sitting upstairs right at the front to get a better view of the London sights.
Not actually available on theri website so visit you local jewellery store to see if they stock them:

or join their facebook page 

The Danish jewellery brand Trollbeads see us as Proud to be British with a patriotic red, white and blue theme - no cutey charms here.

Here is a combination of  red, white and blue glass beads and the British lion, Although not an animal native to the UK, it has become a symbol of British pride. We all know that pride can be a good and a bad thing, but this year it's all good. The glass beads are the Bright Red Prism, shimmering deep blue Milky Way bead and the sparkling White Diamond bead (quite apt for the Diamond Jubilee don't you think?).

Austrian jewellery brand Swarovski sees our quirky and individual charm we add to our fashion sense.

Charms include:
Left to right: UK power bag, Piccadilly shoe, London Bag girl, Mini Car 3D, London Underground sign

Which British charm will you go for?

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