Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Julian Hakes X Disney and Marvel = Iron Man inspired Mojito Sandal

Julian Hakes has applied his futuristic and innovative approach to shoe design with the following question in mind – If Tony Stark himself were to design a pair of shoes for Pepper Potts, what would they look like? 

Julian Hakes has fitted his signature ‘Mojito’ shoe with an LED light, resembling the ‘ARD-reactor’ that powers Iron Man’s suit, to create a one-off unique pair of shoes in Iron Man’s classic red and chrome suit colours. 

‘Because of my design and engineering background, I’ve always been fascinated by Tony Stark in Marvel’s Iron Man comic books and films. The ‘Mojito’ shoe is a result of an architectural driven process’ said Julian Hakes. ‘After realising that only the heel and ball of the feet require support to maximise comfort, I created many different prototypes before arriving at the ‘Mojito’ design – perhaps even rivalling the number of suits created by Tony Stark!’

Gwyneth Paltrow, who plays Pepper Potts in Marvel’s Iron Man 3, is no stranger to Julian Hakes’ work. The movie star donated a signed white pair of Hakes’ ‘Mojito’ shoes to help raise money for ‘Stand Up to Cancer UK’ last year. 

‘This collaboration with Julian Hakes is fashion-forward, innovative and really breaks the mould. This unique pair of shoes has done Tony Stark proud!’, said David Lee, Footwear Director for The Walt Disney Company EMEA.

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