Tuesday, 24 September 2013

London College of Fashion students collaborate with accessory designer Bill Amberg

 London College of Fashion's 2nd year students have collaborated with the accessory designer Bill Amberg's Studio to produce a range of accessories inspired by funtional luxury. The students are studying BA(Hons) Cordwainers Fashion Accessories.
Here is a selection of the work produced:

Stefania Malewicz

Accessories for the chic cyclist using sparkling stingray and burnt orange.

The set includes:
A leather cycling clutch to attach over the crossbar, a carry case and fingerless cycle gloves.

Almost makes me want to take up cycling but  these bags are multi functional so you don't have to own a bike.

Stefania has a one year placement with Balenciaga

Lydia Richards  designed a leather back pack and has been offered a one year placement with Marc Jacobs.

Iwona Krzynowek and Marine Langande designed large functional briefcases

Iwona Krzynowek
Marine Langande

Rowan Sharp

Impress them at work with this presentation stand  which is also hollow to store papers inside. Bill Amberg was very impressed and has offered Rowan a one year placement.

Roosa Tulvio goes for something a little less conventional

An intricate portable picnic tea set.

Mathilde Heintz

And no picnic would be complete without the umbrella holder and newspaper holder.

All the works showed the students' ability in engraving, laser leather cutting,  metal work, carving, embossing, carving  and molding - all traditional cordwaining skills that LCF students are reviving.

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