Friday, 5 April 2013

Oh so great for the Beach - O Bag bags and O Clock watches

O these are so great for a beach holiday! In gorgeous bright colours, waterproof and durable so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet.
The bag's material is EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) making the bag soft, waterproof and resilient.
Available in 20 colours and shades. The watch straps are of stretch silicone in many many colours and shades. Match the bag with your watch. Here's a few tasters:

Actually they are ideal now to cheer us up from this grey cold weather  and the bags will helps keep your belongings dry from the rain.
  The bag is open so if you want to keep all your items private and zipped up you can add the optional inner zip up canvas bag which fixes with poppers to the end of the handles.
All available from
Bags are £59.98
Inner zip canvas bag is £19.99 and comes in grey, black or white.
Watches start from £34.98

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