Sunday, 8 June 2014

Highlighting the Womenswear at Nottingham Trent BA (Hons) Fashion Show for Graduate Fashion Week 2014

First on the catwalk was Sho Takemura complete with elaborate masks

Louise Scarlet Brown :  neutral tones; clean silhouettes adorned with zig zag lines and sparkling perspex embellishments.

Stephanie Parsons : Texture is key with interwoven padded patterns; leather and knitwear; monochrome with a splash of neon

Haemong (Vicky) Deng: 60s themed clashing colours and kitsch prints. Boxy pleated panels give texture and volume.

  Rebecca Damla Saygi : Interweaving stripes and hazy prints to be seen through 3D glasses

Sally MacIntosh Light: Getting her name in Lights or rather knitwear. Colour blocking ; geometric shapes for  accesories

Shengjia (Sophie) Deng: ladylike; soft pastels

Ruth Suarez: Tactile designs with a feeling that you're seeing a colourful collection in black and white.

Natasha Gilliland: interlocking circles adorn clean silhouettes; art volume with wide sleeves emulating spoked wheels; natural hessian with neon yellow trim

Katy Jackson: Mixing florals with checks; chiffon overlays.

Hoi Ying (Karen) Choi; laser cut lace;multiple layering

Aimee Lorraine Spies: Figure hugging knitwear; wide sparkling zips; silver prints on black

Courtney Moncur: bear print; faux fur; bold greens and yellows; chiffon overlay

Samantha Wakelam:  Key is pattern cutting. skirt pattern cut liken to that of the turbo engine of a plane.

Hannah Brooks: Colourful woven textures

Christopher Demirjian:  Bold prints and stripes;

Olivia Andres: Swan like; fluffy feathers; white/cream with a splash of bright blue as though seeping through; small pleats.

Yohei Ohno: Cracked Minimilism

Nga Wun (Kitty) Mok : Super Mario inspired . Accessories by Dorota Stumpf

And the winner of the prestigious Stuart Peters Visionary Knitwear Award went to Rebecca Swann

Monochrome, multiple layering and textures. Chunky knits and wide woollen trousers with a featherlike appearance.

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