Tuesday, 30 September 2014

KTZ Spring/Summer 2015

Designer Marjan Pejoski celebrates the craft and supreme artistry of Josiah Wedgewood and Robert Adams throughout the collection.

Cameos no longer represent silhouettes of silent women, they’ve now be reclaimed by Pejoski as a symbol of the pioneering super women.

These super women grow stronger in black leather  mock croc outfits inspired by ancient armour.

But are not afraid to show their vulnerability as mesh jackets and dresses symbolically reveal their hearts underneath.

The black and monochrome palette is replaced with the purity of pristine white.....

... whilst at the victorious finale, dresses and coats were embellished with gold and the slogan 'The World To Come' shows hope and belief in a bright and better future. . 
Photography by Christopher Dadey

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